A movie of animals playing with a trampoline such as a dog, a cat, a goat

In order to play with a trampoline, it seems to be difficult for animals because it is necessary to understand its properties to a certain extent first, but there seems to be some animals that can be enjoyed quite well. Posted below is a movie of various animals playing with a trampoline.

Animals on Trampolines Videos | EgoTV


Bulldog on a trampoline. Although it is slightly awkward, it seems that he is trying to enjoy his sense of bouncy by putting his weight on his forefoot by himself.

Bulldog on trampoline - YouTube


While two foxes are caught on top of the trampoline, it is recorded that one is aware of the elasticity of the trampoline and jumps curiously.

Foxes Jumping on my Trampoline - YouTube

A squirrel

A squirrel lost in the trampoline surrounded by the net. Whether the net is not visible and conflicts, whether it is purposely going on and running a reaction, it is a difficult place. Ultimately I climbed the net and succeeded in escaping.

Squirrel Trapped on Trampoline - YouTube


Clearly an aggressive goat enjoying the reaction of the trampoline. I ride two trampolines, but one side seems to have a modest character and I hardly jump.

Crazy goats on trampoline - YouTube


Dive under the trampoline, when the mat is raised from the bottom, the cat reacts instantly and attacks. A cute gesture movie attacking hard toward Matt is a cute movie.

Cat on trampoline funny - YouTube


A ferret playing with a trampoline and a tube placed on it. It is unknown whether I understand the characteristics of trampoline, but I repeat a small jump. It seems to be quite fun.

Ferrets Play on Trampoline - YouTube

Boxer (dog)

This boxer seems to be fairly clever, seems to be jumping perfectly understanding the characteristics of the trampoline.

Crazy dog ​​is jumping on trampoline - YouTube


This is not a case of playing, but in order to prevent the bear falling to the ground and sleeping with the anesthesia gun that came into the house surrounding the private house and climbed the tree, in order to prevent injury, place a trampoline at the falling point It is. The place where it was installed was bad or the bear fell off briskly and fell from a fairly high place.

Bear Trampoline - YouTube

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