Clothes and costumes to wear to pet dogs are rich in variety, and dog-only baby carriages are also available

ByLori M.

When walking through the city, it is not uncommon that small dogs, not human babies, are contained within the passing buggy. I started seeing clothes shops dedicated to dogs there.

Clothes shop dedicated to dogs is available from winter dress to raincoat and it looks like a kids clothing department. When I stopped by a certain store I asked them to take a picture of the product and tried to explore the fashion circumstances of Japanese dogs.

A mannequin resembling Chihuahuas was placed to display small dog clothes. It is wearing a human winter itself, such as winding a white muffler around her neck or wearing a down jacket.

This is a down jacket with a boyish design. It covers the thigh of the hind feet completely.

A pet buggy for a small dog, much like a baby carriage for a human baby

There are two Chihuahua mannequins inside. Even a dog owner can carry more than one pet dog at a time.

There were clothes of the costume type covering the whole body as well. It is cute as a squirrel costume, but it seems I do not know what it is a dog anymore if I dress it ... ...

Here is a costume that the face part is a little more open. Lion, tiger, duck from the back. Perhaps it is about placing the cuteness of the mascot on the cuteness of the pet dog.

A costume that looks exactly like Winnie the Pooh or Pigret.

Stitched style costume as well. It is a bag for carrying dogs and carrying them when you ride on a train etc arranged under it.

An indoor bed in the shape of a stump. Among them, there is a Chihuahua mannequin covered in an apple shaped hood.

There was a snack corner for dogs on a shelf separate from clothes. Something that uses materials that are not often seen in things people eat, such as snacks using pig skin.

The size of the bag is about 15 cm, the height of the contents is about 10 cm. Because the price is 450 to 600 yen, it is a luxury item even though it is considered as a snack of human beings.

There were items similar to snacks given to young children, such as "pumpkin entered Boro". This tooFive pack of eggsBecause it is 300 yen in the amount of about 2 bags, it may be a bit expensive.

Also equipped with healthy snacks such as "dried tofu" and "dried natto". There is "a snack for an old dog", but I really care whether old dogs like such astringent snacks.

There is also a dog's toy that shaped bone-attached meat and the like. It is a snack and a toy that can be enjoyed by the dogs themselves in things inside the shop, but handled items were few from the corners of clothes and bags.

Many things for small dogs were handled for dog clothes, but there was a thing on the raincoat that could be put on a large dog with a weight of 45 kg or less.Labrador RetrieverIt is okay to put on.

This is something I found in a different shop, but also special hangers to sell clothes for pets are sold.

Compared to a human hanger, it is made quite small. It seems to be convenient to store small clothes of small dogs.

It is a clothing shop specialized in dogs that I showed this time, but I do not see much clothing stores specialized in cats. Therefore, "pet shop"Pet's Specialty Store Kojima Kyoto StoreI asked about clothes for cats and asked. It was a reply that there is handling of clothes for dogs and cats at this store. But when asked in detail, there is no handling of dedicated clothes for cats, there is a demand for someone who is wearing a small size of dog clothes. I tried other pet shops, but it was almost similar answer.

It is said that cats can safely land by twisting their body even if they fall from a high place as shown in the figure below. If you were wearing clothes when you jumped off, your body might be tightened and you seem to have failed in landing ......

A cat lands properly despite a fall Figure Mobile

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