10 strange landscapes of the world that brought the fantasy world to reality

There are many places in the world with strange landscapes that do not seem like real landscapes. Once in GIGAZINEBolivian Salt Lake "Uyuni Lake"YaCoober peddy like MarsI posted the article, this time it is the top 10 of such a "strange landscape of the world".

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10th place:Chocolate Hills(Philippines)

Chocolate Hills, PhilippinesBohol IslandHill groups in existence. 1268 conical mountains of about 30 m - 50 m were densely packed, so that it appeared as if chocolate was lining up. Because April to June is a dry season, the green of the mountain withers and the mountain skin appears, it seems that it is possible to see just the chocolate hill.

9th place:Moeraki · Boulder(new zealand)

On the Moelaki coast, located in the southeastern part of New Zealand, you can see a rock "Moieraki · Boulder" like a man-made object. Boulder is formed on the seabed with fossils as the nucleus, ore such as calcite sticks to the surroundings, gradually increasing in size, it seems that it was considered to be a rock of 1 m or more over a tremendous time of 60 million years .

8th place:The gate of hell(Turkmenistan)

Abundant natural gas is buried in the basement of the vicinity "Darvasa" in the Kakuram Desert in Turkmenistan, and in 1971 the geologist conducted a boring survey. In the survey, a cavern full of natural gas was discovered, but a falling accident happened during the investigation, and a huge hole opened. Although it was decided to put on fire to prevent the release of toxic gases, flammable gases continue to blow up all the way, so holes continue to burn constantly even now even after 40 years since its onset.

7th place:The Pinnacles(Australia)

The Pinnacles is a limestone pillar group in Nambang National Park, Western Australia. This area was once the ocean where seashells were accumulated, forming limestone strata. Soon it turned land, the trees were rooted, partially eroded by water, limestone formations became decongered shape. After that, the tree withered, and the limestone which became a decoch was exposed and it was formed by The Pinnacles.

6th place:Stone forest(China)

Ishinbayashi is the autonomous prefecture of the Yi located in Kunming, Yunnan Province, China. Typical karst topography, the stone literally forests like a forest over a total area of ​​350 kilometers.

5th place:Goreme National Park(Turkey)

Göreme National Park is a national park in the Cappadocia region of Turkey, where you can see the rocky cliffs and underground cities of the ancient Roman times. The rocks in the above photo are naturally completed by volcanic activity and erosion of wind and rain, and these strange rocks form a strange landscape. . Christians in ancient Roman times escaped persecution, hollowed rocks and made churches and monasteries in the basement.

4th:Rio Tinto(Spain)

Rio Tinto is Spanish and means "red river".Andalusia StateIt is a river that flows from the Sierra Morena mountain range. Millions of gold, silver, copper, etc. are mined from the ancient times around the river. The red color of river water is due to the melting of iron into water, and the river water is strongly acidic at pH 2.

3rd place:Dallol(Ethiopia)

Darol volcano of Ethiopia is a volcano where the crater is at a position of minus 45 meters above sea level. Since the eruption of 1926, the volcanic environment and the sea surface environment mix together, and it is like a different world.

Second place:Antelope Canyon(America)

Antelope Canyon is a valley near Arizona State Page. Sandstone is eroded by flash flood and wind and rain, forming a complex stratum which is divided into several layers. Especially rain water falling in the monsoon season flows through the valley, erodes the passageway, and smooth rocky like the rock where water flow is engraved is formed.

First place:Socotra Island(Yemen)

Socotra is a Yemen Island floating at the entrance of the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea. Flora and fauna have evolved independently under severe weather conditions and are also called "Indian Ocean Galapagos".

"Dragon Blood tree" of a unique shape. The red resin that can be taken from the bark is called "dragon blood" and was produced as an important export item from ancient times.

Plants that trunks become gigantic Tokutoshi and fulfill the function of water storage.

These islands become tourism resources of the island, the island flourishes as a tourist destination, but the island's ecosystem is greatly damaged by global warming and development, and hundreds of animals and plants are in danger of extinction.

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