Umbrella "Nubrella", a revolutionary design that makes both hands free and even strong winds

When you are shopping and holding both hands or driving a bicycle, you can prevent you from getting wet with rain even if you have difficulty putting an umbrella.Nubrella"is. Since it is wrapped in the Nubrella of the round form from the chest, there is no worry that the umbrella will overturn in the wind blowing from the front.

When you put an umbrella on a windy day, it overturns like this and you can often see it with pity in the eyes of people around you.

Since Nubrella wraps the entire upper body completely, even when a strong wind blows from the front, the umbrella will never tip over.

The strap can be hooked on the shoulder, you do not need to have an umbrella, you can prevent rain even if both hands are occupied.

You can use an wheelchair or drive an umbrella even while driving.

You can safely drive your bicycle.

Nubrella is designed to open the handle with one touch by pushing the button.

When closing, hold these ends and edges with both hands and fold it up with Pezan.

When stored it is like this. It is a form like a boomerang.

CurrentSellingThis type whose whole surface is transparent. The price is 49.99 dollars (about 4000 yen).

By the way, for products with the concept that you can put an umbrella without using both handsShoulder BreraThere is also thing called.

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