I tried using a portable water purifier "Drip Delios-H" that can be stored compactly, lightweight and easy to carry

A portable water purifier that can purify water simply by placing nearby water in the containerUrban Techof"Drip Delios - H"(4180 yen including tax). Filter part has double structure, fibrous activated carbon removes chalk, odor etc, then hollow fiber membrane filter removes pathogenic bacteria, bacteria, fungus, turbidity etc, river water and pond water as well It will be drinking water. It seems that it can be used in outdoor and emergency disasters, so I actually tried using it.

This is "Drip Delios-H". Approximately 1000 liters can be used.

Contents are containers, filters, instruction manual.

The container is mainly made of polyethylene, very light weight.

A cap can be attached to the part where the filter is attached.

This is a filter.

The filter has a double structure. First, chlorine and mud are removed with fibrous activated carbon, then pathogenic bacteria such as Escherichia coli, bacteria, fungi, turbidity etc. are removed by the hollow fiber membrane filter.

Nozzle part.

Here is the installation mouth, the mechanism that water penetrates inside the filter from the four holes.

When attached to the main body it looks like this.

Weight fitted with a filter is 91 grams and light weight ......

It is possible to round and compact like this.

So, even if you put it in a bag etc, it is very easy to carry without taking space.

Although "Drip Delios-H" can be used in tap water, groundwater, well water and fish such as rivers inhabited by living things, in rivers such as domestic wastewater and factory wastewater are flowing in Since it can not be used at the place, attention is necessary.

What I came up with was that,Expo Memorial Park.

I can see the sun tower.

There are several waterside in the park, but it is a mechanism to circulate underground water and does not flow domestic wastewater.

I can see the shadow of the fish. In such places it is possible to utilize "Drip Deli-H".

Immediately add water to "Drip Deli - H" ... ...

Close the zipper of the container firmly using the included slider.

At this point the water is muddy with mud and it is brown.

A movie photographed movie of actually washing water using "Drip Deli-H" is here.

I tried using a portable water purifier "Drip Delios-H" - YouTube

Water does not come out with Dubadoba vigorously, and it flows out with poppets.

People who feel that this is late, as it is written in the instruction manual, can speed wash by pushing the container with hand, and tried to movie the situation.

I tried speed water purification with a portable water purifier "Drip Delios-H" - YouTube

The left is the water before cleaning and the right is the water after washing. The muddy water became transparent.

As soon as you drink, mud and pebbles are well filtered and the texture is smooth and ordinary.

In addition, as I have used it several times, as soon as the filter is clogged with large impurities such as grass leaves, it is necessary to be careful.

Also, hands are convenient if you put the handle on this tree like this.

As another method of use, you can also filter the rest of the bath water.

For example, it is encouraging to be able to make familiar water drinking water like this even in the event of a disaster.

And water of toilet tank can also be used.

Since it can be stored compactly, it seems to be good in addition to one of the emergency disaster prevention goods.

For use in rivers and the like we do not have the flow of domestic wastewater and factory wastewater but for leisure in the urban area I feel a little unsatisfactory, but for disaster prevention we use familiar water such as rainwater and bath water etc. It can be used as drinking water, compact and lightweight, easy to carry and it seems to be useful. After washing, it is good to wash the container and filter, and it takes time to dry. Also, as an optional replacement filter is also available, it is also good that you can use it as many times as you like and its ease of use.

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