Technologies capable of converting anything to a lithium ion battery can be developed simply by spraying like a spray


Used for electronic equipment such as personal computerLithium ion batterySpray it and spray it on any material to make it a battery "Paintable batteryIt seems that it was newly developed.

Rice researchers develop paintable battery

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Rice researchers invent paintable battery - YouTube

It is in the United States that invented this lithium ion batteryRice UniversityThe researchers are.

Neelam Singh, a graduate student at Rice University, led the research team.

Lithium-ion batteries are batteries normally used for electronic equipment such as personal computers and mobile phones.

Like a lithium ion battery composed of a negative electrode plate, a positive electrode plate and a separator, the paintable battery is also completed by spraying many layers on the material.

Spray cloth is like this.

During the experiment, the spray was applied to various materials such as metal, glass, ceramics, plastics, and so on.

The experiment was conducted in the following way. First, connect nine ceramic tiles in the sprayed bathroom, and install solar panels on one of them.

At this time, the solar panel converts the laboratory white light into electricity.

Then, when the battery is fully charged, when the solar panel is removed and output to the light emitting diodes lined up with the word "RICE", the battery stably generates 2.4 V power and the light succeeded to keep on lighting for 6 hours Did. Singh commented that it was the most difficult to stabilize this electric power.

The paintable battery can be easily charged with a small solar panel, so it is easy to use it industrially. There are various types of batteries and solar systems in the world, but paintable battery seems to be quite practical because it can paint in any place without choosing materials.

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