Humanoid quadruped engine driven land-war type giant robot "Kuratas" announced in one festival, people can ride and control and can be deployed & purchased at home

Suidobashi heavy industriesButOne Festive 2012 [summer]At 2 pm from 13 o'clock and 15 o'clock, the world's first person can ride Humanoid quadruped engine driven land-war type gigantic robot "Cratas"Actually appearing, we are supposed to perform demonstrations such as maneuvering and using simulated weapons.

First of all, you can see GIGAZINE article posted on September 7th, 2011, but it was like that at that time.

"Robot able to ride" is actually being made, an iron robot with a total length of 4 m is underway - GIGAZINE

About 1 year after that, "Kurasutasu" appears at the venue finally in the one festival 2012 [summer]!

Decal, height about 4 meters

Twin Gatling Gun

Waist circumference


With this you can blow up


"Control" is a developer of the robot control system V-sido Akiba rabies Mr. Yoshizaki navigation participates in charge

Not only is it really cool but it is really a model to be sold

It is also symbolic that the announcement of the world's first boarding-capable robot is One Festival 2012 [summer]

There is something written

Indeed it feels good to be mechanical

How about one at home?

So, we will start demonstration soon.

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The movie of the state of the announcement that actually moved the huge robot "Kuritas" that people can ride is like this, the price also turned out - GIGAZINE

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