"SiriProxy-iRemocon" will be able to speak to Siri and add lights in the room

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A movie that turns on / off the light of the room by speaking to Siri such as "attach a light" and "turn off the light" is published on YouTube. Make smartphone a remote control for home appliancesIRemoconIt is the one that uses the command by adding it in the plug-in form to SiriProxy and operates it, but also the code of the plug-inGitHubIt is made public so that anyone can operate from smartphones on hand.

You can see how the lights are operated using Siri from the following.

SiriProxy - iRemocon Demo - YouTube

Call Siri.

If you say "turn off the lights" ...

The room electricity disappeared with a response saying "I turn off the light".

Furthermore, it is called "attaching a light".

Electricity lights up with a response saying "I turn on the light".

thisSiriProxy-iRemoconMake smartphone a remote control for home appliancesIRemoconIt is possible to use it.

The plugin code isfrom hereIt is possible to see.

In addition, specific setting methods and so on can be read from the following page.

SiriProxy-iRemocon - blog.katsuma.tv to operate home appliances with Siri as a plugin for SiriProxy

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