Excavations of an ancient Mexican civilization such as "Vase of the Haku Demon King" and figure

Many civilizations flourished and destroyed in ancient Mexico, such as Maya, Azteca, Olmeca, Teotihuacan. These civilizations had no point of contact with Asia, Europe and Africa and developed in their own environment until Columbus came to the Americas at the end of the 15th century. Excavations of the ancient Mexican civilization were exhibited together at the National Museum of humanity in Mexico City. Its content is ingenious, beyond the scope of understanding. The doll has various facial expressions and movements, and it seems that the comical illustration is wrong as a contemporary work ... .... Pyramids of Teotihuacan and Chichen Itza where these were excavated were superb.

Hello,Around the World Bicycle WorldofTakuya SAITO @ Chalidermanis. I do not usually visit, but I was interested in the National Museum of Mankind in Mexico City so I tried it. It was a fun place beyond imagination.

◆ National Museum of Humanity

The Chapel Thepek Park in the western part of Mexico City is a lush oasis that can escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Culture facilities such as castle, zoo, art museum, etc. are maintained in the vast park, and it is crowded with many people. Among them was the "National Museum of Humanities" which exhibited remains excavated throughout Mexico. All of the ancient Mexican civilization is gathered here.

Building appearance. Admission fee costs 57 pesos.

In the space of the courtyard surrounded by buildings on every side, a huge fountain was spraying splash.

The 7th room in the center of the building is a room of "Aztec civilization"

Famous Aztec calendar

Beautiful relief

Reproduce the grave

There are exhibits also outdoors, we will not get tired of the viewers.

What I was particularly concerned about at this National Museum of Mankind was a stone statue or a doll that was a motif of people and animals. It is a deformed and comical character. When it comes to size that can be handled, it looks like a figure only ...... I could not keep up with the flexible idea of ​​ancient Mexican people.

Stone statue

Close your eyes and pray for something

With corn in both hands

Put your hands on my chest

"From here onwards it is prohibited to enter other than stakeholders"

Even though there are boobs, the mouth is black like a beard.

Appeal the body's softness?

Chuck Mall (CHAC - MOOL), the heart of the sacrifice was put here.

Coyote statue

Plump stomach

I am sitting with gymnastics with a flat eyes but it is a monkey or a human ......

I opened my mouth and I had a bit of impression.

Unique face

It's as if the great demon King Hakushon

It is a small doll that fits in the palm of your hand, but expressions and movements were made precisely.

Here the side is really fine

A scene like a school's holiday time

Dancing in circles ... ...

Try shoulder.

A little clothes

Spread your hands with a large face. Formation of a loincloth.

How to show this is bad!


Probably a cat.

Even if it becomes a bone, it seems not to be lonely if these fun guys are nearby.

Pictorial documents with lots of illustrations were also on display, but this was also quite shocking. The figure of the person being drawn is surreal, and how to use colors is vivid.

"Codice Colombiano" is a picture in the 7th century

"Codice Vindobonensis" is a 14th century painting document

Picture document of the 16th century "Lamina Central Del Lienzo De Coixtlahuaca"

"La Tira de la Pereginacion" is a picture document in the late Aztec civilization in the 16th century

As castles are conspicuous in the tourist spots in Japan, in Mexico the pyramids were marks of ruins.

The map showing excavated items is so pleasant.


We were able to visit several ruins where these unique exhibits were excavated on Mexico trip.

· Teoti Wakan

It is located about 50 km northeast of Mexico CityTeotihuacanIs a ruin of huge religious cities flourished between the 2nd and 6th centuries BC and is also registered as a World Heritage Site. The peak population exceeded 100,000 people, it was the best place in the world. The scenery which the pyramid of the sun, the pyramid of the moon, the avenue of the dead weave weave is too beautiful and does not become a word.

Stone mask

At the end of the boulevard of the dead the pyramid of the moon (height 47 m, base 140 m x 150 m)

The pyramid of the sun (height 65 m, base 222 m × 225 m)

Up to the moon pyramid.

A steep stairway to the sun pyramid

The pyramid of the moon seen from the top of the pyramid of the sun

Looking at the boulevard of the dead from the top of the sun pyramid.

· Chichen Itzer

Located in the northern part of the Yucatan PeninsulaChichen ItzerIt is a ruins of Maya civilization as well as a World Heritage Site. The ruins of the 6th century, the 10th century and the two era existed in one area because of the capital on the way.


El Castillo. Temple symbolizing Chichen Itza. It is not only the beauty of the exterior but also a functional building packed with a Mayan calendar year.

A ball park

Between Senbon pillars

Tsunpatri meaning the base of the skull. The skeleton of the sacrifice was exposed here.

Holy fountain. It has a religious meaning, treasure and sacrifice are thrown in.

· Olmecca civilization

Between 1200 BC and BC, it prospered from the current Veracruz state to the Gulf Coast of Tabasco StateOlmecca civilizationis. In early civilization even in ancient Mexico, the statue of a megalith bigger than the person's height is famous. It is mysterious that this statue captures the characteristics of negroids (black people) that had not yet contacted at that time.

Megalithite human figure of Mexico City National Human Museum

Low nose, thick lips are characteristic of negroids.

In Tabasco state capital Villaermosa, there was a lavender ruin park where excavated items of the Olmecca civilization are exhibited.

Megalithite head statue

This stone statue called "Young Goddess" was produced around the 7th century BC

"The Groundmother" which seems to have been convinced by the grandmother

I'm posing like a gravure idol, but unfortunately I am a monkey because I am "Monkey looking at the sky".

The deformed character was too loose and it became such an article. Although it will not come true, I would like to ask the intention if I meet ancient Mexican craftworkers that I made. It was completely fascinated by the culture of ancient Mexico, which was entirely different from the East and the West.

(Sentence / photo: Takuya S. Narou Charriderman
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