Looking at the challenge to the final stage with Mario first person perspective will be like this

The "Mario" series is an action game that basically advances by stepping on enemies by side scrolling, but a movie made by thinking about what the final game will be like when seeing Mario's first person viewpoint is released on YouTube I will.

First Person Mario: Endgame - YouTube

At the start, Mario has already come to WORLD 8, where the castle of the final world can be seen. At first it seems like a nostalgic game screen ... ...

When entering the stage suddenly to real.

From here we will switch to Mario's point of view.

Mario looks like it is bouncing lightly with a continuous jump when watching from the side, but when you look at it from the first person viewpoint, it seems that the obstacles that can be thought as "impossible" stand out.

I am really upset when I face out from the clay pipe.

I managed to clear it and enter the clay pipe ... ...

Finally challenge the castle

I can see the image of Koppa in front

Hey ...

Go through the passage above the mugma (?

I will open the door.

Koppa came down from the top

Final Battle at last

Mario can win in this fight ......

In the comment section "Sonic the hedgehogWe are also being asked to make the first person's name ".

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