A ranking showing by city by city where many millionaires are many in the world

ByAmmar Abd Rabbo

A consulting company is ranking the rank of the millionaire who has many assets in any city in the worldWealth IntelligenceWas announced. Tokyo and Osaka are ranked in the top 20 from Japan.

Daily chart: Cities and their millionaires | The Economist

The graph below shows the number of Millionaire (millions of dollars, millionaire with a net asset of about 100 million yen or more) for 1000 people in each city on the vertical axis, the number of Millionaire living in each city on the horizontal axis, It represents the ratio to the total number of Millionaire, and the number in the blue circle is the number of Millionaire. Millionaire living in Tokyo is the largest in the world, with 461 thousand, the second most popular is 389 thousand in New York, followed by 281 thousand in London. However, Frankfurt has 75 Millionaire per 1,000 population and has overwhelmingly different cities.

This table shows the top 20 in the ranking of the number of Millionaire living in each country. From the top Tokyo, New York, Paris and Osaka are the 189 thousand and seventh place, seven out of 20 cities are Asian cities.

The net asset is over 30 million dollars (about 3 billion yen)Multi MillionaireWhen ordering countries in descending order of the number of people, London is ranked first in 4224, Tokyo in second place with 3525 people, Singapore followed third with 3154 people, the number of Millionaire New York which was 2nd was No. 4 in 2,929 people.

The ranking below possesses net assets of more than 1 billion dollars (100 billion yen)billionaireThe cities are arranged in descending order of the number of. Million Millionaire was third in the total number of New York is No. 1 in the number of Billionaire, 70 in the total number of Millionaire, No. 20 in the total number of Millionaire · Moscow who was 18th in the total number of multi Millionaire is No. 2 It is 64 people, the third place is 54 people in London. Tokyo, which was ranked first in the number of Millionaire, is ranked 11th with 12 people, Osaka is the 19th place with 4 people.

In the number of Millionaire, Tokyo and Osaka which are the Japanese cities which were ranked first and seventh, are ranked down in a stroke by the number of Billionaire. On the contrary Moscow, who was outside the top ten ranks in Millionaire and Multi Millionaire, is second in the number of Billionaire and Moscow seems to have assembled a millionaire who has more net worth than Millionaire.

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