"Songrium" which connects vocal song videos and visualizes them like a constellation and displays them is quite powerful

Vocaloid is popular with Hatsune Miku in mind, but as many people are making vocaloid songs, it is also a fact that searching for songs is difficult. In such a convenient case, it is possible to search similar songs by placing the songs of Nikoniko animation as beautifully like a constellation in appearanceSongrium"is.

Songrium - A new music appreciation using the connection

When you click "Music Star Map" at the top of the top page, the songs are displayed as planets, and are arranged so that similar songs are close together by automatic analysis of tune.

If you hover the cursor over one of the songs, the arrow will extend to another song. This arrow is tied to what songs have a connection between songs such as "the same songwriter's popular song".

It is also possible to sort the songs placed in the music star chart by setting the filter and display it.

When you click the planet of music, it looks like this. A planet floating around the selected song represents a derived video, and it is a mechanism to understand the number of times of playback at a glance by the type and size of the movie in color.

There is a "Sabi Jump" button under the song being played on the right end, and jumps to the orange block where the play bar inside the parometer represents chorus every click.

Also, clicking on the currently playing song allows you to switch the detail data of the song with the four tabs on the bottom left.

In "Derived Chart", the detailed version of the music star chart is displayed, and the number of views is displayed in the middle of the circle.

"Derived history" displays a transition graph of the number of views from the upload to the present.

In "tag cloud", the tag cloud attached to music is displayed, and the total number of play counts is reflected in the size of the tag cloud.

"Derived list" displays a list of derived videos. There are tags such as "P's next work" "Million songs" "Bokoron 1st place".

Furthermore, "Arrow Tag" allows you to check the arrows connected in the chart in each tag.

Within the star map, you can visually search things that are closer to the music, or those that use the same lyrics by following the arrows.

When you click "Bubble Player" at the top of the screen, the intro of the derivative movie of the song being played is automatically played back every age. I just do not get tired of just watching with a feeling like a hit chart of a music program.

In addition, when you click "Singing voice analysis", songs are classified according to voice high and low, female voice, male voice, and can be played by clicking.

Click on "Extensions" to install Google Chrome version of browser extension.

When installing and adding an extended function, when playing original vocaloid songs and their derived videos on Nico Nico Videos and YouTube, the Sabi Jump function can be used directly at the video playback site.

Click "Add".

When actually installing browser extension and looking at Nico Nico video, it looks like this. You can see that the Songrium bar is set under the playback screen.

Also, not only vocaloid songs from Nico Nico Douga but also 'YouTube' from the scroll in the upper left of the screen, YouTube videos of foreign artists etc. are displayed.

Compared to vocaloid songs, all of the derived videos are few, but since it's easy to use when watching YouTube, it will be expected to increase the number of Songrium users in the future.

YouTube is characterized by the fact that the derivative video of "dance" overall is larger than the vocaloid song. ChildrenPitbullI found a video to dance to.

You can also search from song title, artist name, URL, but if Songrium does not have song registration yet, it says "Not registered".

To register, click "Register as a song video" after clicking a song.

After entering "song title" "artist name", click "register".

Registration is complete. If a lot of songs are registered, usability is likely to rise accordingly.

YouTube people seem to be able to use it comfortably after a while more, but with regard to vocaloid songs of Nico Nico Douga, it has already been made possible to use it. It is also a good point not to stop songs until you play the next song, you can search similar movies with beautiful visuals while using them as Nico Nico videos or YouTube music players, you can search for free, unexpected features I will. People who like vocaloids and those who like music can also enjoy using it once.

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