"Eucalyptus containing gold" that "golden tree" will be found in Australia

ByMark Herpel

Because the shape of the leaf resembles a coin, "Golden treeAlthough there are plants called "the eucalyptus and acacia" in Australia, the study revealed that gold particles are actually contained in leaves and bark.

Natural gold particles in Eucalyptus leaves and their relevance to exploration for buried gold deposits: Nature Communications: Nature Publishing Group

National scientific institution in AustraliaCISROMelvyn Lintern's research team led by Melvyn Lintern previously discovered fine gold particles from the eucalyptus leaves but it clearly proved whether it came from the underground vein or there was something different I could not do it.

ByDonald Hobern

So the research team was in the western part of Australia and investigated eucalypts living in the Freddo Gold vein area where there are more than usual golden veins. From the eucalyptus leaves and bark the same gold particles as those present in the underground vein I found that eucalyptus is siphoning money from underground.


Eucalyptus is a plant that grows roots deep in the ground in search of minerals including moisture in the dry season, according to the research team, when eucalyptus roots up to 35 meters underground, it reached the golden vein and was absorbed from the roots The gold particles may have been driven to the leaves and bark to reduce the toxic effect.

The gold particles contained in the leaves are very small, and 500 eucalyptuses are needed to make gold rings, so refining gold from eucalyptus is not realistic. However, by examining eucalyptus leaves, it becomes a material for judging how much gold is contained in the region's vein. In the past few decades the number of discovered gold veins has decreased sharply and it is said that eucalyptus may be useful for exploring the vein because it will cost huge expenses to search for a new vein.

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