Four important elements that make up a successful entrepreneur


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The Four Elements of Company Building | Bill Clerico

◆ 1: Strategy

ByProfessor Fumolatro

Clerico defines that the great strategy includes elements of "foresightfulness," "goal," and "tactics." Specifically, we first extract the necessary parts from the huge amount of data and set the final goal. We plan to simplify the plan to achieve the set goals and to develop effective tactics for the target.

◆ 2: Execution power


The ability to create effective strategies and put them into practice is a necessary capability for talented entrepreneurs. However, Clerico tells us that when we make the wrong decision we also have the ability to change the strategy in the opposite direction.

◆ 3: Team

ByVictor 1558

In order to create a wonderful strategy and execute it perfectly we need talented people. It is possible to construct a wonderful team by creating an environment where employees can work for a long time, sharing information and contacting them so that everyone can maintain motivation. Clerico thinks team building is the most important factor for startup.

◆ 4: Leadership


If it falls under the worst situation, judgment will become dull and bad things may occur. It is important to make three important decisions according to the changing situation of the company every day, and under any circumstances it is possible to practice three things, "make a good strategy" "execute the strategy perfectly" "build a strong team" It is the condition to form leadership.

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