"Kirakirakiru" Makoto Kozura stereoscopically transforms the dynamic figure of a single-sword scissors

"Broadcast from October 2013"Kill rakiru"Together who has been transferred to Honnō-ji Gakuen looking for enemies of his father, talks about fight against Kurisuin Shosetsuki along with the sailor clothes and divine clothes he speaks. TRIGGER 's animated animation is awake, but a figure that reproduced the atmosphere was exhibited at Wonder Festival 2014 [Winter].

This is phat!Kotobuko Shinkan blood ver.(Scheduled to be released in June 2014, 8800 yen, scale: 1/8, prototype production: Kawarikishin (grimrock))

Formation of one sword scissors of Wuli Ru fierce anger (puffing mode)

There is a feeling of dynamism

Where we assume to slash from now

Honnouji Gakuen Diorama is at the Good Smile Company Booth.

Figma Kirakirura Konkurako (Scheduled to be released in the summer of 2014, price unknown, prototype production: Max Factory · Asai Maki)

Equipped with huge one-sword scissors

Nendoroid Kirakirura Konkuriko (Release time undecided, price unknown, prototype production: Sasaki field, production cooperation: Nendoroid)

Nendoroid Killaquil full strait Mako (release time undecided, price unknown, prototype production: JUN (E.V.), production cooperation: Nendoro)

It is like this when lining up Kozo and Mako

On the upper side of Honnō-ji Gakuen there is the appearance of Koboin no Tsuki moon.

Mr. Tsukizuki has already decided to Nendoroid ... ...

The release of figma is also scheduled. Where you want to place it face to face.

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