How to cut off a bad habit of "postponing important things to be done earlier"

ByEmily Spaide

Although I have to do something, I have been careful about other things and I am not going forward ahead of time, rather putting other hands on other things, I will postpone the important work more and more Possible ...... Everyone falls into this situation more or less, there should be something you regret later. About the method for getting out of such a situation and returning to the state of high original productivity, blog "Zen Habits"Leo Babauta, a writer of the book, is pushing a column.

Procrastination is a Mindfulness Problem: zenhabits

Zen Habits is a way of thinking to simplify things and to think simple, among which the methodology of how to think about how to postpone work and how to deal with it is advocated.

In order to steadily advance work, it is said that it is effective to disassemble tasks, prioritize them, raise their motivation and hit things. Taking this method alone seems that it is not so hard but in reality it is quite often not going to work. Leo says that it is caused by not being aware of what state he is currently in. It is important to notice the fact that the cause that does not go well is not only in things, but also on one's side of work.

First of all, grasp the current situation

ByChun - Yu Yu

When my work does not go well, most of my side has problems as well. In such a case, we often categorize the state of mind that is unnoticeable by myself as the following pattern.

◆ 1: It follows "instinct that leads destruction"
Suddenly, if you are careful, you may check your email, or you may want to go to the SNS or news site. In addition, you may choose to work easier by postponing the problem in front of you. First of all it is important to notice such self.

◆ 2: I am trying to escape from difficult problems
Human consciousness will concentrate especially on difficult points among the tasks you want to escape, and will have preconceptions such as "hard", "bothersome", "time consuming" and so on. Recognizing this trend, we will be able to face the tasks in front of us, and we will assign the tasks to detailed individual stepsbreakdownIt will be able to do.

◆ 3: Vague fear
There is "fear" as a cause of postponing things. Fear of failure, fear of success, loss of self-confidence, etc. ... In most cases, however, you do not notice the "fear", and you may have been controlled by "fear" before you realize it. Once you expose that "fear" to the bottom of the white day it is actually a fearful little thing. Even if you hold "fear" in the worst case, it is often that it is not that big problem in fact.

◆ 4: Motivation does not occur
It is likely that you start without having enough motivation when you get to work and you will end up with that or a side street. However, if motivation is clear, you can concentrate on one thing. It is important to notice that the motivation is not clear or that you are not giving yourself a strong motivation.

◆ 5: Can not assign priority
Once you are forced to work you will not be able to prioritize. In such a case, it is important to go down one step to calm the feelings, to rethink what is most important, and to notice the state "I am tempered by work now".

◆ 6: I want to check the mail urged by the impulse
Is not it suddenly hit by the feeling that you want to check mails and news? Many tabs are launched in the browser, and it will patrol a couple of times and check the latest information in less than 5 minutes .... This will take something if you do not keep up to date at all times It is an impulse resulting from vague fear that it may be damaged. As a matter of fact, the satisfaction that is gained by those impulses is mostly trivial.

These examples show the trends we see when we are going to postpone things. So, how can we do to notice this and be conscious?

◆ How to make you aware of yourself

ByDan Thorburn

If you get caught by routine routine work, you will not be able to get out of it quite easily, and you will not be able to gain the opportunity to rethink your current situation. In such a case, you may be able to pull back to yourself in the following way.

◆ 1: I think of the worst ending
To postpone things can be said to be hundreds of dirty and no interest. As a result, you will not be able to realize what you wanted to accomplish, and your dreams that you held will be left unbroken. I will not be able to learn new things and expand my limits.

◆ 2: Declare
For example, let's write out to yourself, "Refocus on your own state" on paper, check first every morning · declare it to other people · write it on blog or Twitter, It will be effective to tell it and have it regularly checked.

◆ 3: To clarify the will
Before you get to something, you should take some time to clarify your will. The proportion of this involved in ultimate success is low, but it should be a chance to make it.

◆ 4: Utilize reminders
It is also effective to ring reminders every few hours to periodically check your status and see if you are going to postpone your work.

◆ 5: Notice the signal
It is a manifestation of the feelings I wanted to postpone when I was worried about the progress of my work or when I was distracted by other things. In such a case, let's take a breath and check yourself again.

Just somehow somehow, "If you do not work," rather than worrying about doing business, if you keep on habit of checking your situation on a regular basis, work efficiency may improve and you may be able to get better results. not.


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