The confidential agreement that Apple and Google had had is revealed to be even larger

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Google, Apple, Adobe, Intel, Pixar and others will prohibit the extraction of employees of other companiesI had a secret agreementIt is clear that, as chairman of GoogleEric SchmidtAnd co-founderSergei · BrinMaterials indicating that the magnitude of secret agreements such as Mail and Apple's Google internal notes are even largerPandoDailyIt is published by.

Revealed: Apple and Google's wage-fixing cartel involved dozens more companies, over one million employees | PandoDaily

Emails From Eric Schmidt And Sergey Brin On Hiring Apple Workers - Business Insider

Below are excerpts of the contents of mail sent by Brin. "Steve Jobs, who was angered by the fact that Google was trying to recruit talent from the development team of Safari, said that he was calling," Brin said, "Because we are not doing browser development, As far as I know, I have not heard of specially talking about adopting the talent of the Safari team, I will confirm the recruitment strategies involved in Apple and Safari, "he said.

Mr. Brin is emailing that Jobs again announced "If you hire even one person from the Safari development team, it means war" two days later. Among them, I have revealed that I ordered Apple to stop hiring from human until the next discussion opportunity.

Below is an internal company note of Apple that was dated about 10 days after the date of Brin's email. It clearly states that "I have agreed not to recruit each other's employees," indicating that the exchange between Brin and Jobs has reached an agreement.

Also, not just between Google and Apple, but Schmidt and eBay CEOMeg WhitmanIt is also revealed that the same secret agreement was signed from the content that the telephone called. In the following e-mails, it is stated that Google recruiters were dismissed, as Google recruiters brought out eBay's COO to pull out.

Also, it has been obvious from the past that the "Do Not Call List" was created among the seven major technology companies, but from the company's internal memo of "Restricted Hiring listIt was also found out that it was created.Microsoft·Novell·Oracle·Sun MicrosystemsAre listed up, and it was said that the four companies alone had affected about 200,000 employees.

In addition,Do Not Cold Call list"We have also created a separate secret agreement, Apple,Comcast· DoubleClick ·Genentech·IBM· Illumita ·Intel·Intuit· Microsoft ·Ogilvy·WPPThe names of companies such as are listed. A trial on seven major technology companies that had influenced 100,000 employees has already been done, but the number of employees affected by these materials was found to be over one million. It is pointed out that secret agreements that prohibit withdrawal at Silicon Valley and illegally operate salary may have been tied at an unimaginable scale.

Although PandoDaily is requesting comments from name-named companies, companies such as contacted Oracle, Microsoft and others refused to comment, and Apple and Google did not respond until the release of the article.

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