What is a new technology to regenerate a broken or missing tooth?


Tooth may be chipped or broken, such as when biting a hard object, but since the tooth that has once been missed will never be regenerated,CrownAnd implants are commonly used. In the field of treatment of such teeth, new technology to regenerate teeth by low power laserHarvard University Wis laboratoryIt is being studied by.

Photoactivation of Endogenous Latent Transforming Growth Factor - β1 Directs Dental Stem Cell Differentiation for Regeneration

Lasers can help damaged teeth grow back, researchers say | The Verge

Tooth regeneration treatment different from conventional treatment is toothTransforming growth factor-β1By activating stem cellsDentineIt promotes the regeneration of the missing teeth by differentiation. Laser treatment technology already exists in the medical field, but researchers are paying attention to the fact that specific wavelengths of light cause spontaneous healing in part of the human body.

We already succeeded in experiments with mice, and irradiated an infrared laser to the teeth of a mouse with a hole, it was said that regeneration and increase of dentin constituting the core of the tooth was seen. Research team leader David Mooney said, "Lasers are routinely used in the field of medicine and dentistry, so the introduction barrier to medical practice is low, so we will regenerate teeth with laser If possible, it will be an innovative advance in the field of dentistry. "


As the next step,The National Institutes of HealthWe are planning a clinical trial on regenerative treatment of human teeth in collaboration. In addition, research teams have mentioned the possibility of application to cell repair at various places of the human body, not limited to teeth, as research on techniques to promote re-growth of cells by low power laser advances, Research results are expected.

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