Swipe down on the iPhone screen and found out that Microsoft's Bing will be adopted for Spotlight search coming out

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Confirmed: Microsoft Bing will be default for Apple's new Mac OS X Spotlight - GeekWire

Apple's iOS and OS X terminals have a feature called Spotlight search. This Spotlight search is a function that searches all the information on the web, all the information such as applications and documents in the terminal, contacts, calendar, mail etc. at once.

The search button on the top right of the Mac screen is Spotlight search.


On the iPhone, you can wake up by swiping down the home screen.

In the latest OS X Yosemite and iOS 8, this Spotlight search function has been greatly improved. Especially OS X Yosemite seems to be improving usability as usability, such as displaying a preview of the page if the search result is from a web page or displaying the contents of the body if mail.

When searching "Des" in the Spotlight search of OS X Yosemite, it searches across the terminal and the web page and arranges the search results on the left half of the screen. And in the right half of the screen is a preview screen that displays the details of the search result etc. is displayed.

Spotlight search on iOS 8 extends the searchable range and allows you to search content in the App Store or iTunes, search words with Wikipedia, search trending news, and more.

When searching webpages with this Spotlight search, the latest OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 will use Bing instead of Google search, whereas Stefan, Managing Director at Microsoft's search department Weitz commented, "Last year Bing became the default search browser of Siri, but it was able to become the default search browser even for the next iOS and OS X Spotlight search."

The default search engine of Safari, which is a web browser provided by Apple, is "Contractually, it is still Google as it is", and media specialized for search engine related newsSearch Engine LandDanny Sullivan predicts.

It was Bing who decided to play a major role in Spotlight search, but celebrating its 5th anniversary on June 3, 2014 quietly in the official blog.

Bing Turns Five - Search Blog

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