Creating sweets for the pancakes of the shop, it was a too steep road if a beginner reproduced it at home

Fuwafu Pu Pu Pu Pu Cake shop that baked a pancakeVERY FANCYI go to go to eat French pancake and you can recreate the pancakes of the shop at homeVERY FANCY Happy! Pancake RecipeIt was in the first half of June that I found a book that will be. Can we make it a present for you? I bought a recipe book, but I tried to reproduce the taste of the shop at GIGAZINE editorial department, I solved chocolate in the valentine and solidified it to the extent of saying "Handjob!" When an editorial staff member had a challenge, there was a steep street to the store's pancakes waiting there.

The VERY FANCY pancake recipe became a book! | VERY FANCY

This purchasedVERY FANCY Happy! Pancake Recipe.

The recipe book is 94 pages in all. It is about this thickness.

When you look at the table of contents by turning around and seeing the table of contents, "Reader", "Reader model - Rina Tanaka visits" VERY FANCY "CHAPTER 1 · How to bake the basic fabricAs for "About materials" "Basic tools" "How to make pancake mix powder" "How to make fabric" "How to bake basic" is written, "CHAPTER 2 · sweets pancake"Includes plain mix-berry apple cinnamon caramel banana nuts blueberry nuts French cabbage Montblanc Mont Blanc Lemon Snow Matcha roast tea cacao tiramisu sweet-like pancake names to line up. "CHAPTER 3 · Meal pancake"There is a way to make cheese & sausage · bacon & cheddar · Caesar salad · chili beans · shrimp avocado burger · hot dogs"CHAPTER 4 · Collaboration pancake"Food CoordinatorSHIORIMr. Korokoro hamburger curry · clam chowder · milk tea pancake · BBQ chicken plate,Rina TanakaMake friends with ideas Made toast-like pancake · Oreo style pancake · Soy milk cream pancake · Pizza style pancake, cookYuki AoyamaRecipe names such as Clock Madam style pancake, hand-rolled pancake, fruit and custard's caramelise pancake, rice cake entering Daifuko pancake, etc. are lining up.

An explanation of what VERY FANCY pancakes are using as basic materials ... ...

Measurement cup required as a basic tool · measuring spoon · spatula · whipper · fly return · balls · powder sieve · frying pan · bowl etc.

The way to make basic pancakes is with photos, so it's easy to understand.

And the recipe of each pancake looks like this. The picture is big, the way to make it is centered on sentences, and some pictures of points are on it.

Looking at the sweets pancake page, "Caramel banana" carrying one baked banana everything

"Matcha" in a Japanese style pancake

Impact "cacao" etc.

For meal pancakes there is a "shrimp avocado burger" like a hamburger

"Pizza style pancake" Rina Tanaka gave ideas

There were "hand-rolled pancakes" perfect for parties, invented by Mr. Yuki Aoyama.

So, the first thing to do is make pancake mix powder. Weighing flour 80 g · Baking powder 5 g · Salt knob · Butter milk powder or skim milk 20 g is prepared. It's about six to seven in this.

Weigh each material ......

Put the pancake mix powder in a sealed container, shake it and mix it, and it is super easy.

Next, I will make dough. Milk 90ml · 2 eggs · 10g granulated sugar · Very fancy (VF) pancake mix powder 105g · cottage cheese 90g will be prepared.

Two eggs are divided into egg yolk and egg white.

First of all, mix yolk and milk firmly with a whisk.

Put the VF pancake mix powder there. At this time, you can put in powder with Dobado but you can also use powder sieve if dams are worrisome.


Next I will put the cottage cheese. Cottage cheese used to use the bouquet type, but there was no kidding type in the shop in the neighborhood and it seems to be okay if you go back to room temperature and then go back to bed with a net etc, so firmly licking and big I will use those without chunks.

Stir well so as not to become a dam.

Prepare another bowl, put egg white and granulated sugar, whisk until horn stands.

"Although it is OK even if you use a hand mixer", because there is no hand mixer, just stir with the gash gush with your hand anyway.

It is ok if whiskers of egg white can lather soon as they stand up with a pin.

Put the egg whites lather into the bowl of the pancake seeds in half and divide them in half ... ....

Mix it with a whisk like a sauce to cut the foam so as not to crush.

Continue to bake work. Heat the frying pan at about 170 degrees with high heat.

Place the frying pan once on a wet cloth and let the frying pan calm. By doing this it seems that the degree of fire entering the fabric becomes uniform.

Put 5 g of butter ...

Pour the dough so that it drops on the melted butter with a ball. When dropping it from a slightly higher position, the fabric spreads naturally with the heat of melted butter, resulting in a beautiful circular shape.

When air bubbles appear on the surface bubbly and the border changes to a thin fox color ... ....

Flip it over. When turning over, pancake will not be pressed and it will be baked plumply. If the back side also becomes a thin fox color ......

Completion ...... I thought that ... ... this is ... ....

When I looked from the side, it was a feeling like "Crepey? Chapati?" In Pecchanko, but I thought that "If you eat it, it might be fluffy fluffy" and I tried it. There is a gentle rich taste than using a commercially available pancake mix, but the texture is as crepe as thick as possible. Pancakes born in Germany "Dutch BabyIt feels like it is close to it, and it is delicious, but it is different from fluffy pu cup pu cake.

Was there a shortage of whitish egg whites? Or was it mixed too much with seeds? That's why I challenge again making use of my reflections. Making a pancake mix ......

Mix with milk, egg, cottage cheese.

In the recipe it was only "I put egg whites and granulated sugar in another bowl, whisk until tunic stands up", but when I looked it up, it was too common for people who like sweets making and is omitted I knew the two points "whisk while chilling with ice water", "sugar is whitening, adding it little by little" after bubbling, so I will be frothing while chilling firmly with ice water.

We will add granulated sugar little by little at whiskers.

Mokomoko's egg whites are perfectly completed.

I added egg whites to the pancake seeds, and tried mixing with Zakkori like this so as not to crush the foam this time.

And like the first time, I will bake the pancakes with a wet frying pan with a wet cloth width once.

With grilling eyes turning inside out, it is inflating a lot this time. Excited.

French pancake ate at the shopI will try to reproduce the egg solution according to the recipe "French (French)". It is a recipe for 1 serving, 3 recipes, but the recipe for French liquid is rather large, "recipe for egg 1, milk 350 ml, granulated sugar 35 g, condensed milk 16 ml, fresh cream 50 ml", so the recipe of French pancake is basically In general it is for use when baking a pancake in large quantities at once.

Soak the baked pancakes into French liquor. In addition, I have not written that "how much to soak?", But last timeWhen I baked French pancakeBecause too much soaking will cause shape collapse, I will not leave it immersed all night and will raise it in about 5 minutes.

Grill with medium heat at a frying pan containing salt free butter.

After completion, next turn will be packed on the plate.

I will add fresh cream of cherry called granulated sugar and Kirschwasser to fresh cream and create fresh cream.

And topping with fresh cream · ice cream · banana · roast walnut to pancake.

I put sugar powder and maple syrup.

It is completed.

The bittersweet and texture of the roasted walnut keeps an exquisite balance with banana and vanilla ice.

Fresh cream is also very "tasty ......!" As the taste rises, so the one in this one will shop up considerably.

When eating with the pancake, the volume of the fabric is also firm, there is nothing to be bad because it is so gorgeous topping. It is delicious, it is tasty, but it is more delicious than the pancake I ate at a shop, rather a bit of cheeky, when I put a fork in a pancake "feeling pleasant" and feeling when you ate and fluffy It is a reality that it is missing now ... ....

Even if you look at the cross section, there are big bubbles in places other than where there are clogs and fabrics and you can not feel fluffy.

When I checked the recipe photos again, I suspect that "Maybe the egg white mixture was overwhelming zakkuri this time?"

As I thought about various things, because the seeds and egg whites were mixed too much, there was a part where only the white matter was burned and the seeds were burned in one piece of pancake, it feels like an aggregate of egg-fried and hardened pancakes It was concluded that it was supposed to be. So, the third challenge.

Sieve the VF pancake mix powder while mixing egg yolk and milk tightly.

Do you still have to use the batting type cottage cheese according to the recipe? So, I will use the batting type of cottage cheese I bought with train by calling by phone this time.

Although it looks like the cottage cheese that I found on the net, I see ... ....

Mix it well so as not to become a dam.

And whisking work of egg whites.

Fattening to the extent that Tsuno bows.

Mix too much so as not to crush the foam, but mix with exquisite condition that the egg white and seeds are not mixed enough to be in a separated state.

Once in a frying pan that has cooled down ... ...

Pull the butter and drop the seeds.

And, the thing to note here is not to put the ball in the bowl as usual making a pancake. Unconsciously putting a ball in a ball, I knocked out bubbles more and more without knowing it, and eventually I finished a pancake pancake like the first one.

It is moderately mixed this time, and the foam collapses and the fabric does not expand and it is a moderate feeling.

Flip over at the place where bubbles appear and border has become fox color, bake for a while. According to the recipe collection, the baking time on one sheet depends on the degree of fire, but it takes about one and a half to two minutes.

Completion I will cut it with a knife and a fork to confirm the finish. Tension moment ... ....

When I tried to eat the baking, it was awesome. Not to mention the gentle taste of skim milk and the richness of cottage cheese, it is a texture made with fluffy punyuu that is totally different from usual pancake. When checking the cross section, there were a lot of small bubbles overall and it was the softest so far. I did not think that it was very close to the shop, so I raised the voice of delight "This is it!"

Looking at from the side, we do not have the bulging like the second time, but you can see that it is moderately inflated.

So I will use a plain pancake and challenge a pancake called "Snow" using white chocolate mousse instead of French pancake. Milk 60 ml · Fresh cream 60 ml · White chocolate 80 g · Plate gelatin 3 g prepared.

First of all, whipped cream as much as a streak appears.

Leave plate gelatin with water.

Put white chocolate and milk in the bowl, boil it and melt the white chocolate.

Like this, mix until it gets quite smooth.

Take out the juicy gelatin ... ...

Place in white chocolate & milk bowl and mix well until lumps disappear. I have not written it in the recipe, but if you are a snack making beginner it is likely to fail, so if you make a note, remove the bowl from the hot water and remove the heat from it. the reason is……

I will introduce frothy cream here. Since there is no instruction "to take out from the hot water here ... ...." If you make it perfectly according to the recipe, you will mix raw cream while putting on hot water, so the recipe will be "like a cup of egg custard It is certain that it was not made for ultra beginners like "I got something."

If you thoroughly mixed in cold water and then put it in the refrigerator for a while, it will become a mousse like this.

Next, place the sliced ​​strawberries and white chocolate mousse on a firmly cooled pancake, and lay the pancake again .... Because the mousse is soft enough to melt just by putting it at normal temperature, if there is still a little heat in the pancake, it will melt in Derodero in a blink of an eye in a blink of an eye. Let's arrange the pancake completely after it has cooled down.

TOP a white chocolate mousse and brown marshmallow on top of the top fabric and sprinkle sugar powder from the top.

It was finally completed. It looks like it looks like it.

Trying out, white chocolate mousse is lighter than fresh cream, it is not bad, so it can be eaten exquisitely with the acidity of strawberries. This is pretty close to the taste of the shop ......! The pancake is also fluffy with its finish, but as it is still cool, it is a bit sorry that it has become a bit harder. But when you serve hot, the mousse will melt and it will be grotesque so it is a difficult place to prepare.

Shop-level French toast is completed "I love you! French toast"Anyway if you work according to the recipe you can make something as shown in the picture,Recipe using vision Calpis butter "Butter Mania"Recipe books have various features, such as materials not listed in the recipe are used for finished product photographs.You can be happy with VERY FANCY! Pancake recipeThe recipe is somewhat severe for beginners, but for those who make sweets from day to day it is no doubt that the arrangement will spread and white chocolate mousse and fresh cream have the power to approach the taste of the shop alone In the Amazon review, "The granola butter on the recipe is delicious" was highly appreciated. The price of the recipe book is 1296 yen including tax with Amazon. VERY FANCY's Happy! Pancake Recipe: VERY FANCY: Books

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