I've seen the biggest "Mobile Suit Gundam" exhibition "THE ART OF GUNDAM" in history

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To celebrate the 35th anniversary of "Mobile Suit Gundam", the exhibition will unveil the charm of Gundam, centering on the first series of "Mobile Suit Gundam" series "THE ART OF GUNDAMWill be held from Saturday, July 12th to August 31st (Sunday). On the official website, the number of exhibits is "1000 publicly disclosed", but in fact it is the largest in history as a Gundam exhibition, with 1300 points. I went to the exhibition because there was also an exhibition of the latest work "Reconfigista of G".

Mobile Suit Gundam Exhibition THE ART OF GUNDAM | Event | Osaka Cultural Center · Tempozan

◆ Venue Exterior
The venue is here,Osaka Cultural Center · Tempozan. It is a 5-minute walk from Osaka Minato Subway Station.OsakaIt is next to.

Here is held from July 12 (Saturday) to August 31 (Sun)Mobile Suit Gundam Exhibition THE ART OF GUNDAM"is.

For each promotional banner, a different mobile suits are drawn.

Audio guide has three "white chapter" by Amuro role · Furuta Toru, "Chao role" by Mr. Shuichi Ikeda, "Red chapter" by Mr. Ikeda, Millai · Huyumi Shiraishi "Yellow chapter" Available in.

There are also 10 "dedicated chare machines" for 1 day only. The explanation part is common to "Red chapter", but it is a special type machine and a dedicated greeting is prepared.

This is a dedicated chare machine.

So I will go into the hall. In addition, attention is necessary because there are many places where shooting is forbidden in the hall.

◆ Exhibit contents
The first exhibition is "Opening Theater" Into the Atmosphere ". It is a theater where you can experience a simulated experience as if you are in a white-based bridge entering into the atmosphere while engaging with a Shah's unit. Mirai of the steering hand and Seira of the correspondence sit in this way in this way, Captain Bright is also behind. The flowing video here is a new movie made based on the story of TV series 5 episode "enter into the atmosphere". You will see the battle between Gundam and Zaku from the bridge.

Next to the theater entitled "Making of Gundam", about 1,300 valuable materials used at the time of production were divided into 4 corners and exhibited. At the beginning is "the beginning of the story", a proposal of "Gumboy" which is the predecessor of the project called Gundam is displayed.

At the initial setting of the character, it can be confirmed that the heroes Amuro, Bright, Ryu etc are already set in the same way as it is from now. However, even though it is set at this point, there are also characters that it was gone when it became a shape as a Gundam ....

Furthermore, what kind of desk manager Tomino Yoshiyoshi was working at the time was reproduced. I want to pay attention to the background of this room, an illustration drawn in white in surplus. This is a memo drawn by Director Tomino, and something like the original character of the initial character and mobile suit is drawn. Although there are parts published as materials, unexpected MS is drawn, and Sunrise's new general manager Sasaki also said, "There is something I have not seen."

The next exhibition room is "in the space of the near future". The exhibition is being held based on three themes, namely the setting picture of Mr. Mitsuyuki Nakamura who was in charge of the art, "art about the universe", "art about the earth" and "art on the battleship". It is a model of a space colony with a scale of 30,000 on a scale.

In the vicinity of the ceiling of this room, space colonies and asteroids placed on the works centering on the earth are displayed. There are many things that are put in the illustration, but things that are stereoscopically expressed in this way are unusual. Located at the upper left corner is the final battlefield, Baoa · Ku, on the right is the moon, colonies floating beside it are the base of Zion 3. On the right side is the asteroid Solomon, floating on the right end of this circle is the ground activated land · side 7.

Going further, it is a gallery and original posters and jacket originals painted by Yoshihiko Yasuhiko, Kunio Okawara, Mitsuyuki Nakamura are displayed. There are also things that were published in magazines, but here is the bigger size than it is, and you can watch the details finely.

By the way, the sunrise · Sasaki New General Manager who gave a commentary on the gallery this time was one of the movie version 2 "Sorrow / Warrior Edition", the movie version, "It is the most coolest I am thinking. " In the setting, the color of Gundam is three colors of white, blue, and red, but the Gundam depicted here has a white part in gray, the color of the chest and knee part has changed, and later It is three-dimensional as "real type".

There is a cell picture gallery in the back, you can see the cell picture of that time, such as the appearance of Mr. Matilda and the Gundam that starts up. At the time of television broadcasting, the surroundings are cut according to the screen size, but since it is a full size cell picture displayed here, not only the rawness of the making but also the edge of the cell called cell bullion There are or there are no pictures drawn) until you see it all. For the convenience of preservation, the contents of the exhibition will change every two weeks.

On the way up the stairs there are three groups of Haro and children.

The next exhibition room is "war and human sex". It is a space exhibited about 520 points by dividing the original drawing by Yoshihiko Yasuhiko with a theme drawn in the work. What belongs to the forehead is the original picture, more than half of the exhibits are real.

The name line of the scene is written next to it, and if you have seen the work, animation will flow in your head just by looking at the picture. "I still have places I can return ... ... I do not feel so happy ..."

The final exhibition room of Making of Gundam is "Crash · Mobile Suit". The design suit of Mobile Suit by hand of Kunio Ogawara is sliding. The red line on the left hand side is the Zion army and the blue line side on the right hand side is the Federal Army. Because there are too many points, we are focusing only on the main mobile suits, but it is still the number of how to reach the ceiling. According to Sasaki General Manager, the Federal Army is "square", Zeon army is designed like "Maru" so it is also symbolically interesting. In the middle box there is a famous scene reproduction diorama by Gundam's plastic model.

A 1/1 size Gundam Head is placed as a surprise item in this next room. Gundam loses its head in the battle against Geong, but it was made with the image that if the destroyed head had fallen apart somewhere, it would have been like this. Although the head is missing to the last in the work, the head placed in the room has a feeling of being filled with various thoughts, feeling is nothing but an embarrassing feeling, "Oh ... ...." My breath flew away. Since it is a shooting prohibited item, please check with your own eyes by all means.

The last room entitled "Gundam is not over" entitled "ALL G Tribute Chronicle" that summarizes the history of Gundam for 35 years and digests it, and the latest series titled by Yoshiyuki Tomino for 14 years "G The trailer video of RECONGISTA, totaling about 3 minutes was flowing.

Exhibited in the opposite direction, there are a lot of materials of "G 's Recongister". Diorama is an orbital elevator that exchanges energy with the universe, the diorama of the capital tower that comes out in the works. Although the work is still in the stage that the promotion video is released, there is a request that Director Tomino will display it directly, it is three-dimensionalized faster than the main volume.

Beyond the peep window, the setting material of "G 's Recongister" is displayed. More than half of the ones here are not open to the public, it is a design-like silo mono born in the production process.

"G of Lecon Gista" will be released in theaters on August 23 (Sat), a special precedent version which edited the 1 st story to the 3 st story into one, the TV broadcasting will start in early October It is planned.

◆ Official Shop & Gundam
The shop is waiting after finishing to see the exhibition. Of course goods such as T - shirts, clear files, hats etc ......

Speaking of Gundam, it is Gundam prodigy. "HGUC shear only zaku & mass production type Zaku THE ART OF GUNDAM OSAKA Metallic Edition" (2200 yen including tax), which is lined up on the left side of the front row of the picture, "HG RX - 78 - 2 Gundam THE ART OF GUNDAM OSAKA Metallic Edition" "Mega Size Model RX-78-2 Gundam Color Clear" (8450 yen including tax), "MG RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. 3.0 Mechanical Clear" (4900 yen including tax) , "MG Char dedicated Zaku Ver. 2.0 Mechanical Clear" (3800 yen including tax) is limited to Mobile Suit Gundam exhibition.

◆ Gundam Cafe
Although I was satisfied with the Gundam, I left the venue, but I still have one place. Leaving the entrance and being on the left hand ... ...

Special Gundam Cafe.

We have a variety of menus that imagine the Federal Army and Zeon Army.

Actually I showed some menus. This is "Harolaté" (390 yen)

I combined it with a melon-flavored roll cake of "Hello Rousset" (772 yen).

Here as well beam dyed "Beam Tyros set" (700 yen) Beam Tyros, the length is really 40 cm.

In the Gundam Cafe the federal army sister is waiting.

"Mobile Suit Gundam Exhibition THE ART OF GUNDAM" will be held at Osaka Cultural Center · Tempozan on Saturday, July 12 th - August 31 (Sun). The opening hours are from 10 o'clock to 20 o'clock (admission is until 19 o'clock), fee is 2,000 yen for university students (group 1800 yen), junior high and high school students 1,500 yen (group 1300 yen), 4 years old to elementary school students 800 yen (Group 600 yen). For more than 20 people you can purchase at group price.

Also at the Mori Arts Center Gallery will be held from Friday, July 18th to Saturday, September 27th.

Sunrise's general manager Sasaki said, "It is the largest exhibition ever and there is nothing more than this, so it can be said that it is a definitive version," it is an exhibition that pushed the dragon, so I definitely went to this aircraft Please check it out.

The greeting by Director Yoshiyuki Tomino at the opening ceremony was like this.

Director Yoshiyuki Tomino gave a message saying "I want you to feel something amazing" at the opening ceremony of "Mobile Suit Gundam Theater Art Gundam" - GIGAZINE

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