Net service that can restore encrypted files free of charge to "CryptoLocker" without paying ransom appeared

ByPierre Lecourt

"CryptoLockerIs a villainous malware that requests ransom in exchange for decryption after encrypting the file of the infected PC, and has been raging since 2013. An online service that generates a secret key for decryption for free when a crypto locker is damaged has appeared.

Your Locker of Information for CryptoLocker Decryption | FireEye Blog

CryptoLocker is an extremely uncomfortable RANSWEAM that requests payment of 300 dollars (about 31,000 yen) ransom within 72 hours to encrypt the files in the PC and acquire the decryption key, from 2013 until the year 2013 The range of infection is expanding mainly in the area. Although most of the victims give up the file, some people pay ransom, and the amount of damage is estimated at 3 million dollars (about 310 million yen).

Develop security countermeasure software to help victims of such CryptoLockerFireEyeAnd security information companyFox-ITReleased a free online service that automatically generates a secret key for decryption and sends it to a specified e-mail address when uploading one encrypted file in case of victim of CryptoLocker .

FireEye - Fox IT Scanner

To get the decryption key, please access the above site, enter the mail address, specify the encrypted file, upload it, enter the displayed number or word, and at the end " Click Decrypt it! ".

Save the key code sent to the previous e-mail address.

Next, the recovery software "DecryptolocerDownload the EXE file.

Run the command prompt now, enter "Decryptolocer.exe - key" key code "file name you want to decrypt" after executing it and decrypt it if the message like the one shown below is displayed. You can also decrypt other encrypted files in the infected PC with the same key code.

Since it is known that CryptoLocker infects via e-mail attachment, it is important to carefully handle the attached file while preventing security by anti-virus software to prevent infection First, when infected and taken important hostages by hostage, it is good to use online decryption service before paying ransom or giving up rescuing file.

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