I tried using the definite version of the weather forecasting service provided by the Meteorological Agency "High resolution precipitation Nowcast"

A service that predicts the distribution of the precipitation area every 5 minutes up to 30 minutes ahead with a resolution of 16 times the resolution of the conventional 250 meters squareHigh resolution precipitation Nowcast"Since the Japan Meteorological Agency started from 13 o'clock on August 7, 2014, I tried it immediately.

Japan Meteorological Agency | High resolution precipitation Nowcast

PC version
High resolution precipitation Nowcast is compatible with both PC and mobile terminals. First I will try it on PC version. When you visit the above site, the precipitation region distribution map appears like this.

It is possible to change the area and scale to be displayed by operating the arrow on the right side of the screen and the seek bar. You can also change the display range by operating the mouse with the mouse cursor.

When the scale is maximized, the precipitation will be displayed with 250 meters square dots with such feeling. By clicking "Display time", it is also possible to change the time for displaying the precipitation within the range from 3 hours ago to 1 hour later.

To display the map information, click "Tool" in the lower right corner of the map.

Then an option screen like this is displayed at the bottom of the screen and you can select the information to display on the map.

For example, if you check "Railroad" ...

Major railroad lines are added to the map with a blue line. Shinkansen is drawn in two colors of white and blue.

When concentric circles are added, it looks like this.

This is the main river.

The main road looks like this.

Displaying the name of the city, town, village becomes quite easy to see.

Small scaling makes it a bit hard to see.

In addition, adding all the map information is like this.

To save the range to be displayed, click on the "Save" icon → "Yes" in that order. At the time of article creation, map information settings other than regional settings were not saved. It is expected to improve in the future.

High resolution Precipitation Nowcast moves pretty crisply, so operability is outstanding. I saw a strong rain cloud in the west when I was cheering on the map of Japan.

Shikoku is a strong rain. This is like a rain cloud of Typhoon No. 11.

It seems that there is strong rain exceeding 80 mm per hour in Aki city, Kochi prefecture.

High Resolution Precipitation Nowcast can also play movies of rain clouds moving in movies. To play the movie click "Start moving image" on the map OK.

The state of rain clouds moving can be played in three patterns "from 1 hour ago to 1 hour later", "3 hours ago to the present", "from now until 1 hour".

It looks like this when playing the movie at "Rain clouds around Aki city from 1 hour ago until 1 hour after". You can see clearly that the rain clouds of typhoons are moving amazingly fast every 5 minutes.

Mobile terminal version
High resolution precipitation NowcastIs fully compatible with mobile terminals such as smartphones. It looks like this when displayed on the smartphone browser.

There is also an icon for zooming in the upper right, but since it corresponds to pinch in / out, it is easier to operate by touching the screen.

Tap "Tools" icon to add map information as well as PC version.

Of course it corresponds also to rain cloud moving movies.

Time to display ......

"From 1 hour ago to 1 hour later" "3 hours ago to the present" "From now to one hour" is the same as the PC version.

After choosing the time range, tap the "stop" icon and change to "play" ...

You can check the state of rain clouds with a movie.

"High Resolution Precipitation Nowcast" capable of displaying the state of rain clouds at intervals of 5 minutes with a resolution of 16 times higher compared with the conventional 250 meters square is the renewal and maintenance equipment of 20 weather Doppler radars nationwide since fiscal 2012, It is a service of the Meteorological Agency, which has been promoting the development of region analysis and prediction technology.

In addition to the weather Doppler radar data, observation data of about 10,000 rain gauges nationwide held by the Japan Meteorological Agency, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, and local governmentsWind profilerYaRadiosondeHigh-rise observation data of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and TransportXRAINWe also use the data of three-dimensional analysis of the precipitation area, and at the level overwhelming other similar services, we can not help thinking "The Meteorological Agency is too serious!"

The software crunchy condition is also good, and it is a high degree of completion that it can be said as "a definite version of real-time weather information service" any longer. High resolution precipitation Nowcast where detailed weather information can be seen as crisp is very convenient and recommended if it is added to the bookmark.

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