G-self of "Gundam G's Reconfigista" is made into a gunster, each part is lit by black light irradiation

The latest Gundam series work directed by Yoshiyuki Tomino for 14 years "Gundam G's Reconquista"It is scheduled to start broadcasting from MBS and other stations from October, but the mobile suits (MS) Gundam appeared in the" HG G-Reco series "as" HG G-Reco series "earlier than the start of broadcasting, It is on sale. Such "HG G-Reco series"All Japan Model Hobby ShowIt was actually exhibited at the exhibition, so I actually saw it.

Gundam G's Reconquista

I found an exhibition space of "HG G-Reco series" at a corner of the BANDAI booth.

This is currently on sale "HG Gundam G - Self (Packed Equipment for Atmosphere)". The main character Berry · Zenam etc. boards in the Guncian G's Reconfigista.

Characteristically the blade antenna extends diagonally forward from the head.

We use colors such as white, blue, red, yellow as a whole, coloring like The Gundam.

The one attached to the back is equipped with an atmospheric pack. G - Self can be transformed into various forms by changing this backpack module.

The HG G - Reco series is said to be in parts configuration that makes the joint eye inconspicuous.

This is G - Self converted to "Gundam G - Self Option Unit Space Pack".

The appearance impression by changing the unit is completely changed with glaze.

The space unit looks like two shields attached.

Parts of UV material are used for the HG G - Reco series, which shines brightly when irradiated with black light.

G - It is a part of UV material that is emitting blue that is placed next to self.

Looking up, you can see that UV parts are used in quite various positions with such feeling.

In addition, "HG Gundam G-Self (packed with atmospheric pack)" is on sale for 1728 yen including tax, "Gundam G-Self Option Unit Space Pack" will be released in December.

This is G-Alcaine's Gundam "HG Gundam G-Alkane" on which the heroine's Aida Sulgan is on board. Variable type MS that can be changed into MS type and MA type.

Looking up, there is such a blade antenna in forehead like this, except for coloring it is a Gundam-like design more than G-Self.

When deformed

And MA form

Replacement parts for transforming into MA are attached.

Equipment is a high-powered counterview beam rifle, which apparently can be used as a huge beam saber. In addition, "HG Gundam G - Alkane" is scheduled to be released in November at 1728 yen including tax.

This is "HG Grimoire".

Abdominal nucleus isolation structure, the range of motion is expanding.

Something like looking closer, somewhat similar to King Gainer does not seem to resemble ... .... In addition, "HG Grimoa" is scheduled to be released on October 25 at 1512 yen including tax.

Subsequently, "HG Monte Rio (Crim Nick dedicated plane)".

Although it is an overall linear design, only the parts of the head and abdomen are rounded.

Moreover, in the HG G-Reco series, it is said that more versatile posing is possible by firmly securing the upper and lower range of motion of the shoulder. In addition, "HG Monte-Ro (Crim Nick dedicated aircraft)" is scheduled to be released in November at 1728 yen including tax.

"HG Jahanam for Space (General) (Tentative)"

Scheduled to be released in December at 1512 yen including tax.

"HG Jahanam for space (captain plane) (provisional)"

Scheduled to be released in January 2015 with tax 1512 yen.

In addition, "Gundam G - self head display" of Hobby Japan December issue appendix ... ....

"HG Gundam G - Self (Atmospheric Pack Equipped Type) Limited Blue Clear Ver.", Which is a viewer gift for the first broadcast of "Rakon Gista of Gundam G".

"HG Gundam G-Self (Atmospheric Pack Equipped Type) Limited Blue Clear Ver." Is a gift for a limited number of 500 people.

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