"Fate / stay night [UBW]" Prefectural governor appears at the Tokushima venue of the pre-screening event

Television Animation"Fate / stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] "World preliminary screening event was held in Tokyo, Osaka, Tokushima, Los Angeles, Paris, Nuremberg, Seoul. Tokushima's "Ufotable CINEMAAt the screening held atTakuya Nonaka- Director of drawingTakayuki Mogi, Ms. AniplexAtsuhiro IwakamiMr. Ms. Takaaki gave a talk on the production site, and surprise guests also appeared, and in the atmosphere at home, I was excited about the other venues.

"Fate / stay night" TV anime official website

Venue ufotable CINEMA

The inside of the hall was crowded with people waiting for opening.

Inside the hall is an oversized poster of "Fate / stay night [Unlimited Blade Works]" and a character pop.

Theater 1 where the preliminary screening will be held was seen as a guest standing at a standing room with a full crowd.

Following Mr. Atsuhiro Iwakami, moderator of Aniplex, Mr. Takuya Nonaka, Director of Takaya Nonagaki, and Mr. Takayuki Motegi, director of drawing, entered.

After a light greeting, we will start screening the talk event with "Fate / stay night [Unlimited Blade Works]" # 01 Winter Day, Fateful Night "screened.

As soon as the talk event began, it was a surprise to the screening event that Tokushima prefecture was watching at the audience together with the audienceIizumi KamonThe governor took the stage.

Atsuhiro Iwagami (hereinafter, rock):
First of all, I would like to visit the governor, how was "# 01 Winter day, the fateful night"?

Governor Iiizumi Arimon (hereinafter, meal):
For me who was watching "Fate / Zero" it was easy to understand, and I was able to smoothly enter the story.

Is that "Fate / Zero" watched all episodes? Is it?

of course. Since I was reading a juvenile jump from elementary school time, culture such as cartoons and animation is familiar to me. A big event called "Machi ★ Asobi" is also held in Tokushima, and "May" was held in May 2014Machias sovi vol.12"As many as 70,000 visitors came to visit. From September 27, "Machiasobi vol.13"Will start. In the climax run from October 11th to 13th, at the stage of the summit of Meishan, "Newtype Anime Award 2013-2014"Award ceremony or"Fate / stay night"A wrapping taxi has appeared, and there are plenty of events this time as well. Since I will do my best to "Tokushima when speaking of animation", I would like to thank everyone.

That's right. I think that the governor who is watching the whole story "Fate / Zero" is only one Izumi governor in Japan. Gore ★ Asobi has also become a big event in the past few years, and it also has a big topic in the animation industry. I talk a bit from "Fate / stay night", but what kind of person is Mr. Kondo of ufotable?

I understand Kondo P as a person who has meticulous passion for animation, met with "gore ★ assobi" and "ufotable CINEMA", various other events as well. Today, Kondo P is going to the Osaka venue of "Fate / stay night [Unlimited Blade Works]] world simultaneous pre-screening event - Holy Grail's call-", so I came to fill Kondo P's hole ( Lol)

thank you very much. Well then, there is an announcement here for a moment. I think everyone knows that the first time will be 1 hour special, but not only that,1 hour special broadcast for 2 consecutive weeksTo do. After that, what I saw today is different from what is broadcast from October 4 (Saturday). Actually, we will broadcast on October 4 (Saturday) on the "# 00 Prologue" version of the RIN version, and what we will broadcast on October 11 is the "# 01 Winter Day, Fateful Night" by Shiro version. What you saw is "# 01".

A big voice came up from the audience to announce unexpected surprise "Eh !!".

I was surprised by the reaction beyond expectation. thank you very much. So from this point I would like to talk to the two of the production team.

Takuya Nonaka (hereinafter referred to as Nonaka), Takayuki Mogi (Mogi):
Thank you.

It is quick, but please tell us about "# 01 Winter Day, Night of Fate".

"# 01" I have you see today is a Shiro version, and it is drawn from a different viewpoint from "# 00" of Rin version. It is a new attempt to draw the story of the same time axis with two viewpoints. The thing you see is different depending on the place. In the first half part there was a lot of everyday parts and there was an uneasy part. I can finish my daily part and get Saber to appear, but in order to make it faithful to the original, I made this kind of structure.

How about Mr. Motegi?

I'd like to tell you earlier, but I'm not good at talking so much, so please hand softly.

That's true. Even more than anything else I would like to take the two of the most talkative and bad people at the company (laugh)

I emphasized "Why will Sharo keep sticking to the side of justice"? I wanted to draw Shiro in a cool way anyway. Shiro is a very nice girl, but a bit broken, it was hard to express that balance. Later, the music is also cool.

Music is handled by Mr. Hideyuki Fukasawa, but the music of the scene where Mr. Minamiya Kiritsu appears appears being made by Yuki Kajiura. As a guest composer Yuki Kajiwara participates in "Fate / stay night".

Talking about music, I usually do the work of making the picture first and then putting the music on afterwards, but at "Fate / stay night", after putting music in the picture, I will rebuild the picture again There were a lot of things, so it was stupid.

I think that people who are watching from "Fate / Zero" are finished in a nostalgic feeling.

I also think that the memory of "Fate / Zero" will be revived. I would like to ask both of you, but what exactly did you put emphasis on your work?

In terms of drawing, Shiro put a special emphasis on scenes that summon Saber. Um, is it okay to say in detail?

It's okay.

Especially I put my strength in it until Shiro appeared from Lancer's chase after Saber.

I heard that Mr. Mogi asked Mr. Miura directly for the opening drawing as well.

That's right. Just before the opening chorus, she drew a scene that Saber transforms.

That is why I was in charge of the opening position. How was it scheduled? I heard that he had been preparing for quite a while.

I wonder if this is also okay. Production has just finished Phase I and has entered the second phase. It is quite early to make it ufotable (laugh) It was hard to put the sound in the video that appeared in the previous story and remake the video. Especially troublesome is the scene where Lancer uses gayborg. There is a sound called "Kururukururukuru", but I add light according to the sound.

"The scene where Shiro summons Saber" Mogi san made a special effort, can be confirmed from the following PV though it is just a little.

TV animation "Fate / stay night" PV 2nd volume (AnimeJapan public brush up version) - YouTube

Are there scenes that Mr. Nonaka stuck to?

It is a place where Kiritsugu appears. In making 'Fate / stay night', the director is most particular about drawing Shiro coolly. It is like feeling empathy of the viewer. "# 01" is a bit somewhat developed, but there are plenty of hints recovered later.

After that, where Rin appeared at the end of "# 01", I tried again after I completed drawing it again. I painted up to the color, but I did not like it so I repainted the picture of the character itself.

Charadaticza Yude Sude and Mr. Toshiyuki Tabata are in Tokyo, but what kind of communication do you usually do?

I was having meetings with Skype once a week with the staff in Tokyo.

In addition, it is a feeling that we are meeting with Tokyo staff every day at Skype, and apart from that, we have a detailed meeting with Skype on a specific staff.

So, please tell me the impression of Mr. Kondo when hearing the story of "Fate / stay night".

It is an honest impression that I did not expect to do it. I do not know the details of how it came to do. I was told by the fans that "I want you to do a non-visualized cherry-blossom route", but I thought that I should do it on TV (lol) So I thought that I would not do "Fate / stay night", so I was surprised Did.

How about Mr. Motegi?

Well, I thought that I would do a Saber route, but I was a bit perplexed when I told you that it was Rinroute. Because I was doing "Fate / Zero", Saber had a strong feeling ... ... and that was complicated at first.

Actually, Mr. Kondo has a strong feeling about the composition of "# 00" of Rin version and "# 01" of Shiro version which we announced this time, and there is a memo from Mr. Kondo in hand material. It is meaningful to draw moments in which Rin and Shiro intersect each other on the rooftops of schools and buildings from each other's point of view, respecting the original.

Here, the fourth visual key visual that Mr. Sudo of Chara Doza played was announced, and a big applause gotten from the hall.

It is my first time to see this key visual, but it is cool! Pictures with many people take a lot of time to draw and it takes time. A cute feeling like a pure boy is also appearing well.

Well then, it means that all the presentations we have prepared are over, too (lol), so many of you came and I'd like to do a Q & A session from here.

◆ Q & A
Fan A:
Berserker asked me that it would take a day to make a 2 second scene. Did you have a crying character in 'Fate / stay night'?

In "# 01", Lancer was serious. There is a pattern in the body, such as a line of muscles, so it's pretty crying out. It is still a berserker if it is the whole work. Berserker is asking Mr. Atsushi Ikutani of the muscle special animator.

Fan B:
There was a lot of appearance of Lancer at "# 01", but was Gayborg's drawing difficult?

It looks like a plain stick, but it's tough because there are plenty of patterns. Also, although there are setting materials of weapons, since the staff draws with each one, the thickness of Gayborg may be different. Unification of your drawing is difficult. Therefore, please do not blame much even if the thickness is different (lol)

Fan C:
Mr. Nasu Kinoko is involved in the production, but did the direction of Gay Borg's rewind come back, was there instructions from Nasu?

Regarding gayborg, it is visual image of Miura Takahiro, not Nasu. Mr. Nasu talks about more broadly and is a person who excites the scene.

Mr. Nasu will do a story like "Is it the original in this way, is not it better for animation?"

Since Nasu is a writer, he supports the scene with great sticking to the nuance of the dialogue and the character part. We will also give you advice after coming to dubbing.

Fan D:
Please tell us the difficult point in expressing Shiro's coolness in drawing "Fate / stay night".

I feel that I am struggling or cared. How far can I say? Mr. Miura said, "Shiro is deeply concerned about being the only survivor of a big fire that happened ten years ago, and the desire to contribute to people is a character that is stronger than anyone else, I want to paint that part strongly. " So, it feels like I was concerned about drawing that part.

Later, please pay attention to Shiro's eyebrows. Because Shiro's anguish and anger are included.

Message from Mr. Nonaka and Mogi after the question and answer end.

It is "# 01" I have you see today, but "# 00" is also confident, so please expect. I look forward to your continued support.

"Fate / stay night" made hard for everyone who loves the "Fate series". If there are people who do not know Fate around please let me know. Let's all make "Fate / stay night" exciting.

The situation of the Osaka venue can be confirmed from the following article.

"Fate / stay night [Unlimited Blade Works]" preliminary screening event that was able to enjoy Ginzuli on Lin route · The situation of the Osaka venue is like this - GIGAZINE

◆ Staff
Original: Nasu Kinoko / TYPE-MOON
Character draft: Takashi Takeuchi
Director: Takahiro Miura
Character design: Yutoko Sudo, Toshiyuki Tabata, Atsushi Ikutani
Color design: Emiki Chiba, Mika Matsuoka
Art director: Koji Eto
Director of Photography: Yuichi Terao
3D Director: Kojiro Shishido
Music: Hideyuki Fukasawa
Animation production: ufotable

Opening theme: "ideal white"Miro Ayano(Ariola Japan)
Ending theme: "believe"Kalafina(SME Records)

Official site:http://www.fate-sn.com/
Official Twitter:@ Fate_SN_Anime

◆ Cast
Shiro Shiomiya: Noriaki Sugiyama
Rin Tohsaka: Kana Ueda
Saber: Ayako Kawasumi
Archer: Junichi Suwabe
Makuragi cherry tree: Noriko Shimoya
Ilya Schief · von · Einzbern: Mai Kadowaki
Soichiro Katsuki: Masaki Terasawa
Lancer: Yuninobu Kin
Caster: Atsuko Tanaka
Assassin: Shinichiro Miki
Rider: Yu Asakawa
Fujimura Okawa: Miki Ito
Shinji Nakagiri: Hiroshi Kamiya
Yanagi Yanagou: Mitsuaki Mitsuaki
Ikko Konpei: Joji Nakada
Kanji Miyamiya: Koyama Koyama
Gilgamesh: Seki Seki

© TYPE-MOON · ufotable · FSNPC

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