Uber registered drivers kidnapped and raped customers, incident occurred in other countries


In a case of kidnapping and violence against a taxi passenger occurred in Boston, USA, a dispatch service "Uber"Is being sued for a driver of.

Prosecutors accuse Boston Uber driver of abducting, raping passenger | Ars Technica

Marian Ryan said of Massachusetts · Middlesex County Prosecutor has been publishedstatementAccording to Ule's registered driver Alejandro Done (46 years old) who was sued was sued. The suspects refused payment to the female customers who used the service on the evening of 6th December and instructed ATM to withdraw cash. After that, there is suspicion that you run a car to an unpopular place and strike and rape a woman.

Ryan's prosecutor for the prosecution commented in a statement in a statement that suspects took advantage of women using the status of being a driver and used the weakness that once they entered the car they could not resist. Uber spokesperson announced a statement saying "We will cooperate closely with police law enforcement and take all possible actions to support the investigation" in response to Ars Technica's interview, It is said that it expresses with the word meanness.

◆ What is "Uber" of hire / taxi dispatch service?
Uber calls a taxi / hire from a smartphone application or PC to make payment on the application. Service started in the US · San Francisco in 2009, and in Japan the official service has started in March 2014 after the test operation from December 2013.

I tried using the service "Uber" which makes it easy to call a hire with a smartphone - GIGAZINE

In Japan, only the service which originally dispatched "hire" was provided, but from August 2014 "Taxi" dispatch service has also begun.

Uber, Taxi dispatch service "uberTAXI" started in Japan - Mobile Watch

Uber is also difficult to understand the difference with the conventional taxi company, but the biggest difference lies in the form of belonging to the driver. Uber's driver is not a Uber employee but a contract contractor and is registered in Uber, Uber is responsible for dispatching taxi / hire and collecting usage fee when requested, as the main task It has become.

◆ Troubles around the world related to Uber
Although Uber brought in a new business model different from the past to the taxi industry, it is also a fact that there are cases in which it is suffering from the consistency with the current law maintenance against the advanced mechanism. In the following coverage, in Spain, "Because the driver is not registering as prescribed", because it is "making unfair competition against an existing taxi service provider", because it is unregistered and insurance in Thailand It is reported that Uber is declining business due to the fact that unregistered taxi service can not be accepted.

Uber banned in Spain, India, and Thailand due 'to illegal' operations | The Verge

In addition, prior to the aforementioned incident in Boston, a female rape incident by Uber's driver also occurred in India. The suspect who caused the case was arrested in another woman rape case in the past and Uber was not conducting sufficient identity survey even though it was forbidden to provide services in New Delhi city It is regarded as a problem. In response to the incident, the Indian Ministry of Transportation orders to prohibit the provision of all transport services using the domain "www.Uber.com".

Uber banned from operating in Indian capital after rape accusation | Reuters

Regarding these incidents, there is a view that considers the internal structure of Uber as a problem. In the past, Uber's drivers knew that passengers were in a state to be able to view all the history of Uber's use in the past, and it was also a problem that the privacy of customers was in a state of clandestine was.

The historical ride history of the hire service "Uber" that can be called on the smartphone is accused of employees being accessed and unlimited - GIGAZINE

In addition, in each country there is a case where a strong wind against Uber is increasing power. It is a cheap edition service of Uber, also in France because "the acquisition of the required license is not satisfied"UberPopThe French government has decided to prohibit the business of 2015 and beyond.

France Says It Will Ban Uber's Low-Cost Service in New Year - NYTimes.com

UberPop is a service set at a lower rate than usual Uber. If the price is published on the website, the starting fee is 1 euro (about 146 yen), the additional amount per minute is 15 cents (about 22 yen), the added amount per 1 km is 95 cents (about 124 yen) , AndThe lowest price is 4 euros(About 486 yen) and fee is set. this isEUR 6.6 which is the lowest rate of existing taxi service(Approx. 970 yen), and if it is said that the license registration required for business is also not regulated (not necessary), it seems natural that the opposition voice will come from existing forces is.

Uber - Paris

Also, there are cases in which other problems have arisen over that fee system. It occurred in Sydney, Australia on December 15, 2014Hostage incidentThere is a voice of criticism over the rise in Uber's boarding fee when it happened.

Uber imposes 4X surge pricing in wake of Sydney crisis, then free rides | Ars Technica

This is Uber's original "Uber's ability to automatically increase usage fee when demand suddenly increasesSurge pricing(Surge Pricing) ", but in case of using an emergency to use Uber for evacuation, a high usage fee will be charged, which is a situation that will cause a big opposition . Later Uber adopts measures to refund the difference with normal rate as "We are with the people affected by the incident and New South Wales police" to the user.

◆ Further expansion of scale Uber
Although Uber is moving with such problems as conflicts with existing forces and drivers' violence incidents, the movement to increase the number of drivers and aim to expand the power is progressing. It was launched in September 2014UberMILITARYThen, efforts are underway to invite former soldiers of old age and young man who retired from the US military at a scale of 50,000 people.


Employment of veterans is a problem in the United States, and Uber is showing a posture to provide employment as its receptacle. However, it is reported that there is also a present condition that it is not easy enough as "the opportunity of new income" on the above recruitment site.

Uber is recruiting 50,000 veterans as drivers | The Verge

In addition, Uber's founder, Travis Calarnick, announces the idea to expand its service by registering new drivers at 50,000 pace each month.

Uber Adding 50,000 New "Driver Jobs" a Month, Up From 20,000 in May | Re / code

Even though criminal acts by drivers are out of the question, the current Uber faces a gap between the new business model and the existing society, the contents of the service Uber provides and what the real user expects of Uber It seems to be said that it is said to be in a situation of being mismatched. It can be said that the power that resists always appears in new things, but can Uber succeed?

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