"The Histomap" that you can understand as a zakkry just by looking at the flow of the rise and fall between the nations over the 4000 years of the world

ByAndy K

In world history there is a great death rage that various nations are destroyed when they are born, but what you can understand just by looking is "The Histomap"is. It is perfect for people who are interested in world history but do not know how much information volume is too big to start with.

The Histomap. - David Rumsey Historical Map Collection

The Histomap begins in 2000 BC. The biggest force in 2000 BC was the second most pink color from the left of the figureAncient Egypt. The next biggest force is in the leftmost ancient Greek figureAegean civilizationThe oldest ofMinoan civilizationis. Between 2000 and 1800 BC Aegean civilization gradually increased its power, while contrary to the ancient Egypt, the influence became small at a stretch from about 1900 BC.

While the ancient Egypt has shrunk, the power has been expanded, but the tribe of power who held power in various parts of the Middle East, which are marked in greenAmur people. However, the ancient Egypt rebounded after 1750 BC, the Aegean civilization will gradually become less powerful towards 1650. It was blue that was proud of a strong force at the same timeElam. Elam isAncient OrientIt was a prosperous state, and in modern times Iran formed a number of nations in a certain area.

From 1650 BC to 1450 BC era civilization · Ancient Egypt · Amur people · Elam is the lead, followed by era of arrogance.

From 1450 BC to 1100 BC, there will be major changes in the world. First of all, the Aegean civilization that had been maintaining power for a long time disappeared in 1150 BC, it was born around 1450 BC to be replaced, the leftmost of the figureGreek civilization(Green) expands power. While the Aegean civilization tapers, while the ancient Egypt greatly enlarges the power in 1300 BC, as it approaches 1100, its size gradually decreases. It was born around 1400 BC and later laid the great empire including the ancient EgyptAssyria(Blue in the center) grows fast. It is the largest force in the world in 1100 BC.

Assyria who swallowed Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt, while receiving resistance of Babylonia once conquered, weakened the influence considerably in 950 BC, but it steadily expanded afterwards and grew to the world's largest scale in 700 BC.

However, Assyria narrowed its power after 700 BC,Persian EmpireWe will disappear in the form of being supervised by. A huge blue force in the image is the Persian Empire, growing to the world's largest nation in 500 BC. It is the green ancient Greece on the left side of the figure that gradually expanded its power. It became the same force as Persia in 400 BC, and continued to grow afterwards, becoming the world's largest nation in the form of being replaced with Persia in 350 BC.

Whatever the leading role from 300 BCRoman Empire. As can be seen from the figure, from around 150 BC to 100 AD, you can see that the enemy momentum was showing just where it was going.

It is the Roman Empire that reigned at the top of the world, but the green color that existed in ancient EuropeThe Tuteon tribeI decided to gradually weaken the power whether there was invasion of. From around the year 300 AD, the yellow Tatar will expand its influence.

TatarIsEmpire of Mongolia, The Mongol empire became the world's largest nation in the year 450 AD. However, after the year 500 AD, you can see how the green Arabian Peninsula where Muhammad appeared is expanding power.

...... The The Histomap will continue until the year 2000. Even if he is not deeply conscious of world history, I am interested in the world history because it is becoming clear to see which nation expanded power and declined in the long history of 4000 years Even a person seems to look good once.

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