Changed specification that Twitter was more likely to report to the authorities

ByJason Kristofer

Twitter is from 11th March 2015 "Police policy on harassment"We have revised the guidelines on intimidation, harassment and offensive content such as TwitterDick · CostroThe CEO calls the person who does the nuisance "Eliminate from one end"It is said. In some cases malicious inconvenience is required to report to legal institutions, Twitter announced a specification change that allows users to easily report to the authorities.

Making it easier to report threats to law enforcement | Twitter Blogs

Twitter has beenReporting harassment and annoying behaviorA form was provided, and Twitter who received a report from the form warned the user concerned. With this change in specifications, afterwards, templates asking for subsequent actions such as "Report to the Investigation Authority", "Mute", "Block" have arrived for users who were damaged from Twitter. The following image is the template. Select "Email report" if you are notified by a contact to the investigation authority.

Then, "Twitter user name / account URL / post date / time of harassment" "victimized Twitter user name / account URL / URL of applicable harassment tweet" required to inform the legal institution from e- Report date and time "will be delivered.Guidelines for personnel in charge of the investigation authoritiesAlso, it is possible to report to the relevant legal institution by copy and paste.

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