A woman who freely manipulates a robot arm with "just thinking" also successfully skips a stealth fighter F-35

By using two electrodes transplanted to the brain, a quadriplegic woman who was able to freely manipulate the robot arm with "just thinking", the next is to manipulate the stealth fighter and freely fly the sky became.

A paralyzed woman flew an F - 35 fighter jet in a simulator - using only her mind - The Washington Post

This Woman Flew an F-35 Simulator with Her Mind | Defense Tech

It is the main building of the US Department of DefensePentagonThen,National Defense Advanced Research Projects Bureau(DARPA) and the "University of Pittsburgh Medical Center" promote "a revolutionary project". The main figure of the project is Mr. Jean Choy Ellman of 55 years old, and she is a quadriplegic paralysis patient with both hands and legs in a motion paralyzed state. In the project, we are working on the development of innovative innovative artificial limbs that can be moved with "just thinking" with Shoy Elman as a subject. In 2012, Mr. Shui Herman undergoes an operation to transplant two electrodes on the surface of his own brain, and this electrode freely moves the robot arm with "just thinking" by detecting Shoierman's brain waves We have succeeded.

In fact, you can see how Mr. Shoielman moves the robot arm in the following movie.

One Giant Bite: Woman with Quadriplegia Feeds Herself Chocolate Using Mind-Controlled Robot Arm - YouTube

Mr. Shui Herman is a quadriplegic paralysis patient who can not move his limbs.

Such a participation in DARPA and the project of Pittsburgh University triggered that a man sitting on a wheelchair saw a movie freely moving around with "just thinking".

Shoi Herman got a new arm that is a mechanical robot arm. This is from up and down movement ......

Back and forth movement

I do deftly to the left and right movements.

Furthermore, moving the wrist to the right and left ......

Move it up and down ......

It is also possible to turn around.

In addition you can even grab things.

I understand that Mr. Shoielman is hoping for new challenges.

However, in order to be able to move the robot arm freely, it is necessary to overcome one ordeal. That trial is the operation "transplant electrodes to the head".

I will transplant this electrode to my head in surgery. The part with the tip is placed on the surface of the brain, and the large silver column parts are formed in a shape to protrude from the head. By doing so, it becomes possible to send brain waves sensed at the surface of the brain to devices outside the body.

It embeds this in the head.

The operation succeeded brilliantly and two electrodes appeared in Mr. Shui Herman 's head.

By attaching this equipment to the electrode, you can now move the robot arm with "just thinking" using EEG.

Shoi Herman after surgery seems to be excited about the existence of the robot arm which will be moved from now.

Although only 11 days have passed since surgery, on February 21, 2012, the experiment to move the robot arm directly by electroencephalogram began. I seemed to be unfamiliar with the operation of the robot arm at this time, and the movement of the arm was unstable.

In March 2012, a small cube placed on the desk ......

Grasp in deft ... ...

Succeeded to move to the top of Tapper.

There are other fist cubes and ...

It grips without difficulty even to the ball that seems to be difficult to grasp at first glance.

Furthermore, it is possible to lift "to not collapse shape" to paper cylinders.

Operation of the robot arm seems to have been done with a researcher at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center like this one-to-one.

Shoielman who seems to be getting used to the operation of the robot arm a lot.

Grip a large possession (red object) made to be easily grasped with a robot arm ... ...

Move to the face as it is. Apparently chocolate seems to stick to the tip of this object, and it seems that we are trying to eat this with only our own power without borrowing from people's hands.



Successfully eating chocolate gorgeously.

It is quite satisfying.

Mr. Shui Herman is suffering from a very rare genetic disease that the range of paralysis is getting wider, and it started in 2003, but it was already quadriplegic in 2012. Electrode in Shoi Herman's brain has been transplanted to the left side of the "motor cortex" in the area controlling exercise in the cerebral cortex of the brain. The left side of the motor cortex was recognized as an area that controls the movement of the right hand. However, Mr. Shoierman has successfully used both of the electrodes embedded in the "left side of the motor cortex" to move both the right hand and the robot arm imitating the left hand, and this research team is also very surprised That's right.

As you can see in the above movie, in 2012, Mr. Shui Herman was able to operate the robot arm freely up to this point, but the experiment performed by DARPA and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center is human It is not just about the prosthetic limbs. In the project, we are also conducting innovative experiments on nerve signals, and Shoierman also participated in the experiment and the US was developing a stealth fighter "F-35I'm successful in flying with "just thinking".

Of course she did skip the F - 35 not in the real world, but in a dedicated simulator. However, at the simulator used by the formal pilots of the US military, Mr. Shui Herman succeeded in flying the F - 35 and other planes freely with "just thinking" without using hands or feet at all And DARPA 's Director Arati Purboker said "Jean is really flying in the simulator," he said.

Unlike regular pilots who usually use simulators, Mr. Shui Herman has succeeded in directly controlling and flighting the entire aircraft instead of steering an airplane with a steering wheel.

The picture of the simulator when Shoieran actually skipped the F - 35 is as follows.

Simulator shows fighter jet being flown by paralyzed woman

It is an ordinary airplane that is being skipped by a simulator.

Although it is understood by playing a movie, it is flying with fine adjustment of the aircraft's nose considerably again and again, and even if the cliff spreads to the left and right where it seems to be wrecked if you make one mistake in the operation I am flying easily.

The next thing I flew was F - 35 which flew at 8 times the speed of the first airplane.

We are also skillfully maneuvering here and F - 35 draws a free orbit as if enjoying the adventure of the sky.

"From the results of our research, we can draw the future that we will be able to release the brain from the limitation of" the body "in the future," Secretary Pruvoka commented, DARPABiological Technologies OfficeJeffrey Ring who is the director of "Neil ArmstrongI was very impressed when Mr. Shui Herman moved the robot arm and saw the appearance just like when I saw the walking on the moon on TV. "

Although it seems that there is still a long way to apply Shoi Herman's experimental results to artificial limbs and military technologies, DARPA's work is to push unknown research as an experimental organization of the Department of Defense, We will not go only on safe routes, and such actions will be an obstacle to our mission. "

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