An astonishing incident occurs in China where the beef bought at a butcher shop moves like it's still alive

When I brought back the beef I bought at the butcher shop, an event occurred in China where the beef inside was moving with a jerk. The jerks of beef taken by those who encountered this event are spread online so that anyone can see the terrifying sight.

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PULSATING beef found in China after it was taken home from butchers | Daily Mail Online

The person who encountered this horrifying meat was a woman named Chen, who lives in Jinan City, Shandong Province, about 200 km south of Beijing. When he took the beef he bought at the butcher home and opened the package to cook it, he noticed that the surface of the beef was fluttering. (Click the image to play the GIF animation: 1.5MB)

Mr. Chen was surprised and immediately took a picture of the situation with a camera. A movie showing the situation has been featured on local TV, and now you can see the horrifying beef on YouTube.

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Mr. Chen said, 'It was as if the meat was still alive, or there was something like a bug inside. However, if you cut the meat and check the inside to check it, nothing will happen. Instead, the meat was just fluttering. '

The state of beef looks like this. It looks like something is discolored, but in reality it is in a state where they have just bought the meat.

There is something like a cut on the surface, but this may be a cut for Mr. Chen to check.

When a reporter who heard the information visited the local animal health bureau and confirmed it, veteran staff member Lee said, 'Please rest assured. This is a phenomenon seen in very fresh meat. Living state. In meat that has been processed in a very short time, the terminal nerves in the muscle may still be alive, so it may move like this. ' In fact, Mr. Chen bought this meat at 8 am and started cooking at 9 am one hour later. However, it seems that the time when the meat was actually fleshed remains unknown.

Whatever the cause, it was a horrifying beef that would definitely freeze when you actually saw it. Mr. Lee, a veteran employee, said about this meat, 'You don't have to worry, so please eat with confidence.'

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