Chrome application "LINE" that makes it easy to LINE from PC appeared, so I tried using it

A free communication application "LINE", which is extremely popular in Japan, has appeared in "Chrome application" of web app that can be used in Google Chrome. Since it means that LINE can be easily used from a PC even without a smartphone, I actually tried using it.

LINE - Chrome Web Store

You can add LINE to Chrome by going to the above link in Google Chrome and clicking on "Add to + CHROME".

Click "Add" as it will be confirmed about adding the application.

Then the screen switches to this display.

To start LINE, start "LINE" directly from the Chrome App Launcher ......

Start by searching "line" from "Search program and file" in the start menu.

Then "LINE" stands up like this.

Enter your own account information and click "Login".

Primary confirmation will be done at the first login from PC. Since four digits are displayed on the screen ... ...

Launch the LINE application on the smartphone. Then switch to the identity confirmation screen ......

Enter the 4-digit number displayed on the PC screen and tap "Identity confirmation".

When the user authentication is completed, tap "OK".

This will launch the Chrome app version "LINE". Usage is almost the same as LINE of the smartphone application, so it seems that it will not be annoying especially by operation.

If you say "It is troublesome to start LINE on PC ...", you can also create shortcuts on desktop, taskbar, start menu. If you want to create a shortcut, click the menu icon in the upper right corner of Google Chrome and click "Settings".

Click "Extension" and click "Details" of "LINE".

Click "Create shortcut".

It is OK if you select and add your favorite shortcut from here.

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