ILM's top secret facility that will make ten years later "Star Wars Virtual Reality Lab"

"Industrial Light & Magic" and "Lucas Film", which have pulled the world of special effects (SFX) and special effects (VFX) for about 40 years since the film "Star Wars" published in 1977, "Sky Walker Sound" that has supported the work on the side has become one "ILM × LAB"Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) after ten years are studied. The Verge has infiltrated such a lab and experiences experiencing the world of state-of-the-art VR / AR.

Inside ILM's secret Star Wars virtual reality lab - YouTube

The Star Wars series which is the monument of the SF movie is a work group that has lead the world in SFX · VFX, and at the same time it is also immovable as content that attracts a lot of people.

Even if you showed only this mask, there are many people who immediately comes to mind as to what the name of the character is and how to talk. For many people, Star Wars is one that has never passed, it is not an exaggeration to say.

And on that foundation, always "Industrial Light & Magic (ILMThere was a name of ").

"ILM × LAB" is what ILM develops with Lucas film, content creator Lucas Film, and Skywalker sound, which expressed world view in terms of sound, looking forward to the ten-year expression.

Reporters of The Verge putting something something like a small stick and a glass with a ball. What are you doing ......

Experience real-time VR video on the screen displaying stereoscopic video. It seems that he is immersed in the image world to say "Wow, Wow!"

Dinosaurs are projected at the distance that they are popping out of the screen and they are about to overwhelm. In addition to the 3D image displayed on the screen, the movement of the ball attached to the glass allows the camera attached to the wall of the room to change the image by capturing the movement of the face, so that a more realistic experience can be made It seems to be getting.

And dinosaur movement seems to have been generated in real time by motion capture of the movement of "actor" who plays the movement in the same studio. This means that you will be able to experience interactive experiences tailored to the movement of participants.

And one of the big attractions of ILM × LAB is to have "Star Wars" which is the world's largest content.

It is expected that experience-based content that will enter itself into the world in which the character of the work appears will be created in the future.

Rob Bredow, who leads the project, is a person who has been involved in works such as "Independence Day" at Sony Pictures.

And John Gaeta, creative director, is also a big player in the movie world. To the work which has been engaged so far ... ...

Published in 2008 "Speed ​​Racer". This work expresses a world view that combines animation and live action.

And Mr. Geata's masterpiece is "matrix"series.

"Barrettime" that everyone imitated was also expressed by Mr. Geata's hand.

In ILM × LAB, research is pursuing the possibility of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). Mr. Bredow says that all content published in the movie is "a technology over a year ago," but as seen below, a radio control bulldozer appears in the real room and the operation is possible with a single tip It is likely to become.

Mr. Geata tells LinkedIn that he wants to design and realize a platform leading to the matrix world (except governance by the machine) about his work.

It seems that not only simple 3D images but also techniques to actually enter and experience the world are being developed.

Also, it seems that interactive experiences using iPad etc are also being studied.

By operating the screen,Storm trooperYou can freely adjust the movement of the character such as ...

You can become one of the storm trooper and you can also experience the real world.

However, this is not just video content, but the virtual reality space that reflects your movement is reproduced on the display by the sensor "depth sensor" which can measure the distance to the object attached to the back of the iPad It seems to be becoming as well.

Speaking of virtual reality, of course you can not forget "Oculus Rift". ILM × LAB is also naturally adopted technology.

It is possible to experience the X - wing manipulation with Oculus Rift attached.

In the past, it is possible to describe movie technology as "to make people experience the virtual world".

People who saw the image of the train running on the big screen for the first time seemed to have escaped from the chair so much surprisingly.

And in 2000, people saw the same reaction when I saw the picture of a roller coaster at Oculus Rift. In this way, it can be said that there is the ability to witness the world that you can not usually experience in the video.

It may seem surprising that Geata calls Walt Disney "The Godfather of User Experience". In Disney Land, the world view that jumps into the world of Disney movies away from everyday life is expressed, but in reality the same goal seems to exist in the destination that ILM × LAB aims for. Regarding the view of the world Geata expresses it as "version 2.0 of the Disney experience".

Perhaps the concept is influenced by how ILM was bought by Disney. It is said that the technology studied here will come out to the world in 5 or 10 years, and there may be things which may not be shaped at all, but attempts to realize "new experiences" It seems that it is under the water.

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