Venue everyone became Sonic speed circle "Ninimu Shinobu Den" Blu-ray launch commemorative screening & talk event report

Anime broadcasted in 2004 "Ninin transfers Sinov"As a memorial to the launch of the Blu-ray BOX, Jun Shibata who served as character design and drawing director and the original authorRyoichi KogaAlso participated in the screening & talk eventMachi ★ Asobi vol.15It took place in.

Ninin's Shinobu Goba ★ Assoby

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It was ufotable cinema that was the venue for the screening & talk event.

There were a lot of customers who have a fan of the shape of Sonic speed circle which can be got by the event "Draw a sound speed circle and get sound speed maruwa!" Which was done at Shimachi board walk.

At the screening, Ryoichi Koga, the original author, and Atsushi Shibata who also served as an animation character design / drawing director also participated. Mr. Koga was the first coming virtue, he said he was looking forward to the screening and was not able to sleep much yesterday. Of course, Mr. Koga, who participated for the first time in Machi ★ Asobi, thought that he would do an event at one place, he said he felt that animation was penetrating around the whole of the city and that communication between the cartoon and the animation was taken.

Ms. Shibata, yesterdayBlu-ray BOX reservation privilegeI was writing a colored paper and I could not sleep. Although it is the first time to come to Shikoku, she seems to draw a colored paper all the time even in the waiting room, during the event, she seems to have not seen much of the event of Asobi. I had to paint over 100 sheets of colored paper, and further had my head when the number increased during the gore ★ Asobi vol.15 period.

Subsequently, the first episode of "Ninin Shinobu" was screened. In the first episode private ninja school ninja undergraduate students enrolled in Department of Kunoichi Department of encounter with ninja Shinobu and girls high school student Kaede and stories with sonic speed circle and Sasuke at the village of ninja are drawn. Although the picture quality is upgraded to the Blu-ray version, the screen ratio remains at that time, 4: 3.

Mr. Koga seems to have seen the first story for the first time in three to four years since he appreciated the Blu - ray BOX for foreign countries. When I watched the first episode again at the screening, I was talking about the impression that "unlike my own picture, it is ideal and cute feeling is ideal." Moreover, it seems that the animation original element which is not in the original such as a scene where Chinobu chasing a nya and raging with a bed feels attractive. On the other hand, Ms. Shibata just recently reviewed the first episode to draw a colored paper, the first episode was in charge of the original part of the B part by one person and also the original picture of the first part of the A part was doing at the same time, It seems that Ala feels that it stands out.

Ninin television animation by Shinobu, ufotable at the timeMitsuru FunaiIs a fan of Mr. Koga's manga, and there was a talk with "Kondo producer" that "I want to do Koga's work next". Mr. Shibata came to talk to Mr. Shibata after deciding animation, thought that "I am not a person who draws a pretty girl character, but is it okay?", "Because it is not a Moe animation but a gag animation" It is said that he took over by being told.

As a work of character design, since cartoon characters themselves are finished as designs, Mr. Shibata seems to have only drawned the design drawing of the character for animation. Through the series there are a number of stories where the picture of the character is totally different, "Shibata is making it look like it properly". Paying attention to how the line can be simplified, Koga's color illustration shows where the highlight of the pupil is full of circles, two places of snowman highlight and highlight stuck to the lower eyelid It was said that it changed to only.

Koga asked the state of recording at that time, looking back, "In the presence of several times, performance of Mr. Norio Wakamoto of Sonic speed round was too funny." Since Wakamoto says the things not written in the script or in the original, the staff and voice actors laughed and everyone sometimes stopped recording temporarily.

Wakamoto is in charge of narration in the television commercial of Blu - ray BOX which is currently being broadcast, but ad - libs and voice tones are written carefully despite the manuscript of only 15 seconds at the time of recording, I heard that "This is OK" to Acoustic Director, "It is said that if it matches only the release date, the rest is done so that Mr. Wakamoto would like to do it" CM is completed.

Both Shibata and Koga seemed to draw Shinobu's illustration for the jacket of Blu-ray BOX for the first time in ten years, but two people on a yellow illustration board where Izumi Izumi and Kondo producer painted Sonic speed circle at the opening ceremony To participate also.

Mr. Koga and Mr. Shibata in this order.

The finished illustration board looks something like this, 6 unique sonic speed circles were born.

After the talk show, the illustration board was transferred to the frontier workshop booth of Shimachi Boardwalk and it was displayed side by side with the sound speed circle drawn by customers.

Then, after coming to Tokushima, Koga who bought three boxes of Blu-ray BOX himself in ufotable, Mr. Shibata gave a special color color paper as "a privilege that three people purchased" .

In addition, Mr. Wakamoto who signed Don Dawn on the dubbing scene of CM was gifts for Mr. Koga and Ms. Shibata who gave a sign. Mr. Wakamoto liked the sound speed Maru fans design at the time of recording, it seems he got one and brought it home.

Customers who came to the screening also had a colored paper present, and all of them had a Janken competition.

Koga san's handwriting and ...

Shibata Mr. autograph color paper was given to each one person.

At the end is Sonic speed Maru fan, "Sonic speed circle with everyone". Mr. Koga said, "It is surprising that Blu-ray will come out after 10 years," Mr. Shibata said, "I am thankful to have bought it even after 10 years, I am glad that there are so many fans even if it is old. The talk event ended at great excitement.

During gusset ___ Asobi period, since the wrapping taxi "Ninimu Shinobu" runs in Tokushima city, there may be something near the venue.

The Blu-ray BOX of "Shinobu Den" is scheduled to be released on November 11, 2015 with Mr. Koga's drawing and manga.

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