YouTube bears the burden of court costs of "fair use vs copyright"

There are 400 hours of movies uploaded to YouTube every minute, but some movies are produced by inserting some of the others' TV program and music. Contents for the purpose of parody and criticism may become valuable contents than original, and in the United States secondary use of copyrighted goods for just cause is "Fair useIt is protected with ". Meanwhile, YouTube announced that it will begin legal support, such as burdening the legal fee of users who appeal fair use, in order to counter the illegal video removal request by the abuse of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Google Public Policy Blog: A Step Toward Protecting Fair Use on YouTube

YouTube's handling of copyright and fair use can be understood by looking at the official YouTube movie below.

YouTube Copyright Basics (Global) - YouTube

Everyone can upload videos to YouTube, but original videos are protected by copyright.

Even if someone uploads a video without permission ......

There is a process that you can send copyright infringement removal request from YouTube.

Also, sometimes it says "Movie is blocked" instead of deleting ... ...

this is"Content ID"This is a function different from deletion application that automatically works and blocks items that match copyright protected content automatically. If the copyright owner is using it with permission, the movie may be blocked automatically, but in that case you can do an "appeal", if it is a good reason the block is released It will be.

On the other hand, when popular videos appear, some of the videos may be used for criticism or parody ... ...

According to Fed von Roman, YouTube's copyright lawyer, "commentary, criticism, parody, etc. are allowed as fair use."

Lastly, the red character talks "It's an easy-to-understand movie! Let's insert a scene where a lawyer who entered the toilet at Jurassic Park finally can eat it for dinosaurs!", But in this case it is necessary to add explanations, critiques, parodies Because it does not correspond to purpose, it becomes infringement of copyright.

In this way, YouTube has established copyright and fair use policies. However, since legal standards for fair use vary from region to region, "allegations of copyright infringement" and "claims of fair use" may conflict from a straight line. In that case, it is necessary to talk to experts such as a lawyer, but YouTube is a YouTube user lawyer when it comes to lawsuits to protect the producer of fair use videos subject to copyright law It is decided to bear the cost etc.

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