What is the only word to turn anxiety and worry into success?


In a state of tension and anxiety, it is tempting to suppress excitement and calm the feelings, but the research result that "In order to calm anxiety should use the excitement state to the contrary" is clarified.

How 'Anxious Reappraisal' Can Help Turn Anxiety Into Productivity - The Atlantic

Professor Alison Wood Brooks of the Harvard Business School analyzes that, when humans feel uneasy, in most cases, they tend to think "I must relax." Mainly in the English-speaking world, he took up the poster just before the Second World War and "Keep calm and carry on (Keep calm and continue your usual lifeProfessor Brooks thinks that the design written as "is fashionable" is a symbol of this phenomenon.


However, in reality, it seems that the advice of "relaxing" against a nervous person is wrong. According to Professor Brooks, instead of saying "Please excitement! Do not fail!" Because both anxiety and excitement are caused by emotional stimulation.

When humans learn anxiety and excitement, the beating of the heart becomes faster, it is a type of hormoneCortisolWill increase and prepare to take some action. However, "excitement" is a point that is positive emotions. "Relaxation" is also in a positive state, but Professor Brooks analyzes that the level of arousal of the body is low.

Professor Brooks says that it is easier for many people to awaken from anxious to excited than to recover from anxious to calm. A trick that takes advantage of this phenomenon of cognitive function and helps sense of anxiety is called "anxiety reappraisal", which means that we can make ourself understand the feelings such as excitement and tension.

Professor Brooks conducted three kinds of experiments "singing a song in front of a large number of people", "making a speech in front of a camera" and "solving a computational test", in every test before any experiment, "I am excited Subjects who answered "Good results are good"clearlybecame. Moreover, it was not possible for subjects "feeling uneasy" to reassess anxiety and improve the test results. Professor Brooks commented on the reason why reassessment of anxiety failed, "I will forcibly try to switch to a positive feeling, but the sense of uneasiness underlying will not change," and the effect of reevaluation of anxiety will work properly In order to do so, Professor Brooks thinks, "We should concentrate our attention on what good things will happen when our actions succeed."

Another announced in 2015paperThen, ask the examinees to write their own goals and "I am excited"I tried to shout three times in a loud voice and found that it tends to secure a long time in my life compared to the subject who shouted only my name, It seems that he knew. When feeling uneasy, Professor Brooks said, "I am excited by the threats that appeared vaguely," "It can not be helped me to know how I feel if I can not respond to my expectations." " I woke up with a feeling that my chest was tightened at 3 am, but as I imagined how the meeting of tomorrow will proceed, I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of hell is waiting for us "and turning my sense of uneasiness well into excitement It is said that a way of thinking is good.

ByCarmela Nava

According to Professor Brooks, it is also recommended to "write out all the tasks with anxiety and think about what kind of benefit it will have if the task succeeds." In addition, Professor Brooks advises that tasks requiring fine exercise such as surgeons are not suitable for this method, as it is necessary to maintain tension.

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