I tried playing fan-produced dot picture 3D version "Zelda 30 Year Tribute"

"The Legend of Zelda" is the 30th anniversary in 2016It is still a work loved by fans all over the world. Such an open source tribute work whose fans who love the legends of Zelda created using WebGL and JavaScript "Zelda 30 Year Tribute"Has been released. While faithfully reproducing the graphics of the Legend of Zelda of the NES version, 3D elements have been adopted contemporary.

Zelda 30 Year Tribute

ParisLemon - Zelda 30 Year Tribute

Playing the 3D version of fan production "Zelda 30 Year Tribute" and such feeling - YouTube

Click the start button to start the game.

The world of the legend of Zelda that was made in a 3D style though dot painting.

There is a link at the start point. To operate, click the controller on the browser, or "WASD" or "direction key" on the keyboard corresponds to the four-way controller, and "ZX" or "KL" corresponds to B · A. Immediately after the start we are not equipped with weapons, you can not attack even if you go anywhere like this, first enter the cave on Naname.

"Bring kore with you because it's dangerous to go alone"

That's why I got a sword. It is automatically assigned to the A button and when you press the X key or the L key on the keyboard, you can swing the sword and attack it.

When swinging the sword at once, if the HP is full, you can skip sword and remote attack. If HP is decreasing even a little, the sword does not fly, so you need to cut it directly. In the legendary series of Zelda, it is impossible to turn "cut off" when button is long pressed.

If spiders' monsters go up to the top, attacks will not arrive in 3D.

Attacks of monsters attacking with jumps can be repelled with a shield when standing without attacking.

There was a fairy fountain that recovers the familiar HP in the road.

When I found another cave and entered it, "Please buy items!" I can get it when I touch the item, but the rupee did not decrease for some reason.

If you press the start button and display the menu item you got, you can set the favorite item on the vacant B button and use it. However, I can not shoot bow and arrow for some reason.

As I found another cave, I entered, "OH NO! This room is not working".

Although you may find a dungeon when you explore the field ... ...

"This dungeon has not been completed yet".

When I looked forward to the dungeon, I got an instruction saying "Aim for Goma's eyes", but I can not find Goma anywhere ....

Is it only the field completed? I found another dungeon.

Then there is no particular message, apparently a completed dungeon pattern.

Some monsters are caught. While opening the door locked as you find the key etc, I will go ahead.

There was a trap of the iron ball that flew when passing through the front.

When all the monsters in the room are knocked down, a hidden item appears and gets.

It was a boomerang returning when throwing, but it seems there is another use as it did not damage monsters.

In the last room, a dragon-type rasubosu appeared.

I managed to get something like a legendary tryforce by destroying it.

You can watch the movies that actually went through adventure dungeons and destroyed the boss from below.

Defeat the boss with the dungeon of "Zelda 30 Year Tribute" - YouTube

· Additional notes April 8, 2016 10:33
On the page of Zelda 30 Year Tribute, the sentence "Apologies to everyone" has been posted and the publication of the game is canceled. According to the producer, Nintendo requested that "I want the game to be withdrawn because I infringe copyright". "Thank you for giving me inspiration to make tribute games, Nintendo!" The producer commented.

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