I tried eating strawberry champagne of "KuKuRuZa popcorn" which sweet strawberries spread out

Popular popcorn store "KuKuRuZA popcorn (cuzza popcorn)"Cosmetic brand"LANCÔME (LANCOM)Collaborated, Omotesando Hills shop limited "Strawberry champagneBecause it was that the flavor called 'I've appeared,' I decided to buy and eat it.

【Limited time collaboration flavor release decision! It is! 】 | Clucuza popcorn - KuKuRuZa popcorn

The Omotesando Hills store of Cluzza Popcorn is located on the 1st floor of the Jominikan.

This time I bought L of strawberry champagne. 1250 yen including tax.

Strawberry sauce and dried strawberries are contained in the middle of the raw material.

When you cut off the seal of the pack, the scent of sweet strawberry drifts and drifts. Even if it is slightly far apart, it spreads to the extent that it can be understood that "there is something sweet scent".

In addition to Strawberry Champagne this time, I bought Brown Butter & Sea Salt limited to the Omotesando Hills shop. M size and 630 yen including tax.

The outside is crispy with plenty of strawberry sauce. Dry strawberries have a rich sweetness, and the taste which remains in the impression, especially among the popcorn which I ate so far.

As a popcorn to eat at a movie theater, if this item can be chosen with other popcorn + 300 yen level, I definitely want to eat it, but the smell is too strong and people around me seem to get angry.

Compared to this, Brown Butter & Sea Salt is a fluffy type. The salty taste is not so strong, you can taste the flavor of butter.

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