Automatic driving truck that can communicate with each other and run in sequence succeeds in crossing Europe

Automatic driving carPassenger cars like GoogleFrom Daimler's "Freightliner InspirationResearch is proceeding in a wide range of genres, such as commercial vehicles like " Among the automatic driving technologies that have the possibility to greatly change the physical distribution, there is a technology in which a plurality of trucks communicate with each other and run in rows "Platooning"Is expected to reduce automobile accidents by energy saving, has been successful in large-scale experiments in Europe and has come to the point of practical use.

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You can easily understand what kind of technology is "Platooning" in which tracks communicate with each other safely and energy-savingly by seeing the following movie.

Platooning - how it works - YouTube

If the truck can reduce the distance between vehicles as much as possible, traffic congestion can be relaxed, energy consumption can be reduced, and it is thought that 20% can reduce environmental pollution.

The technology that realizes row running is "Platooning", and the tracks communicate with each other and cooperate.

By mutual cooperation, it is possible to run as one unit while maintaining constant inter-vehicle distance.

When the distance between vehicles shrinks, thanks to the front car, the air resistance decreases and the fuel consumption of the following car goes up. alwaysSlipstreamIt is possible to run energy saving by.

Platooning technology realizes high safety. Even if the automobile breaks in during the formation, the following car can follow the distance by enlarging the distance between the cars.

When the interruption car changes the lane ......

Immediately shorten the distance between vehicles and reorganize the formation.

In Platooning, cars communicate with each other by Wi-Fi.

By combining GPS information in addition to Wi-Fi, perfect row running is possible.

Even if there is an obstacle ahead ......

When the leading vehicle finds an obstacle, that information is sent to the following car.

Assuming obstacles for the following cars, by changing the lane earlier, you can efficiently pass the obstacles and you can turn on the bud that causes the traffic jam.

Platooning The vehicle can also be driven by the driver steering wheel. You can leave the row at any time.

Even if one is reduced, the remaining trucks can be reassembled and continue to cooperate.

The Netherlands TNO Applied Science Research OrganizationAccording to the survey, it is possible to reduce fuel consumption by 15% by Platooning and furthermore to alleviate traffic congestion. Therefore, the European Truck Platooning Challenge 2016 "will be held, in order to promote the development of Platooning technology centering on the Dutch government, tracking trucks incorporating Platooning technology in European countries.

European Truck Platooning Challenge 2016 can be confirmed in the following movie.

European Truck Platooning Challenge 2016 - YouTube

On April 6, 2016, the platooning truck rankings, which started all over Europe from Germany, Sweden and Denmark, gathered together in the Netherlands and Rotterdam of the goal. European Truck Platooning Challenge 2016 accomplished the purpose brilliantly.

The state of the live broadcast of European Truck Platooning Challenge 2016 can be confirmed in the following movie.

European Truck Platooning Challenge - YouTube

Trucks departing all over Europe are made by 6 manufacturers including Volvo, Daimler, Scania.

We showed off amazing row running.

A Platooning track that gathers one after another in Rotterdam of the final destination.

The Scania truck that ran the longest distance said that it ran how long 2000 km.

It gathers at the goal point.

I ran all vehicles safely without accidents.

According to Dalke Younde Bruzin, head of the European Truck Platooning Challenge program, plans to conduct tests carrying products to Europe through 2017 by Platooning truck loaded with goods from Rotterdam port, along with sponsors such as Unilever It is getting.

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