A policeman who hit a 12 - year - old girl student on the ground up the movie at that moment and it was played 2.5 million times and it got fired

In the United States there is a school that has "school police" where police officers stay in campus. School police who is supposed to play a role of providing school 's security and providing a fun school life, has been uploaded to YouTube with ripples uploading to YouTube after dressing up 12 - year - old girls students and striking the ground.

SAISD statements about officer video

Officer who body-slammed San Antonio middle-schooler in video is fired | | Dallas Morning News

Rhodes Middle School student slammed by SAISD police officer | kens5.com
(Movie automatic playback attention)http://www.kens5.com/news/education/in-our-schools/rhodes-middle-school-student-slammed-by-saisd-police-officer/123085099

You can see how School Police throws girls students in the following movie.

SAISD Police Officer Body Slams 12-Year-Old Middle School Girl On Concrete Floor - YouTube

The movie starts from the point where the policeman confiscates girls students.

The policeman raised the girls students ... ...

Vigorously backwards.

And I throw it away.

Students calling girls' students "Junessa !! Mr. Junessa struck on a brick road does not move with Picry.

A policeman who puts handcuffs behind while setting up the sound "Girigiri".

Girls studying hard ... ...

It was taken along.

News programKENS 5The reporter is visiting the site after the incident. The accident happened on the road next to the schoolyard.

Mr. Junessa struck to the ground has aza on his right eye. According to Ms. Junessa, it seems that a case like a movie has happened at a place where we are going to move to another place with an argument with other students just before the incident.

An incident occurredRhodes Middle School in San Antonio, Texas (SAISD)Was receiving reports from police officers who threw girls students after the incident. However, when the movie was released, it turned out that it is a situation that is different from the police report. We immediately reported to the police and the survey started.

Joshua Kem, who has experienced in veteran experience, threw Junessa. He said he was working as a school police at Rhodes middle school for over a year.

Initially, it was a chem police officer who took paid leave as investigation, but when the movie was released on YouTube, the situation suddenly took off and it was decided to be fired at the beginning of April 2016 about two weeks after the incident It was. Mr. Pedro Martinez announced a statement on the case and said, "I understand that it is necessary to exercise physical enforcement depending on circumstances such as there is imminent danger, but judging from the situation of the movie, It is clear that the action taken is inappropriate. "

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