A 18 - year - old friend of a friend who live on the site where a 17 - year - old girl is raped by Twitter 's live distribution application was criminalized and sentenced to trial

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An application that Twitter can easily real-time delivery and live broadcasting with a smartphone in March 2015 "PeriscopeAfter purchasing iOS · Android application, in fact, more than 100 million live broadcasts are delivered. Some users show off criminal acts such as drunk driving and underage drinking, and in 18 states, an 18-year-old girl in the state of Ohio, USA, reported that live broadcasts were being broadcast on the scene where friends suffered rape, It is being done.

Ohio woman charged after livestreaming friend being raped - NY Daily News

Teenager Is Accused of Live-Streaming a Friend's Rape on Periscope - The New York Times

According to the prosecutors' announcement, a 17-year-old girl living in Ohio province was raped by Raymond Gates (29 years old), his classmate Marina Lonina (18 years old) photographed with a smartphone and a Periscope application Both defendants are charged with criminal charges for kidnapping, rape, sexual violence and others for alleged live broadcasting. "We have never seen the case of live delivery of the site of sexual violence," prosecutor Ron O'Brien of the Franklin County Prosecutor State of Ohio commented.

Lonina's defendant in the following picture ... ...

It is Gates respondent.

The victim and Lonina were friends who attended high school in the state capital of Columbus, the state capital of Ohio, and met Gates when shopping at a shopping mall in the city. Gates defendant bought two alcoholic drinks and suggested that we meet again the next day. According to the authorities' investigation, three people gathered again on the evening of February 27, and Gates responded that he was raped holding down a 17-year-old girl. Lonina used to photograph various things using Periscope from the usual time, he seems to shoot the state of rape with Periscope and live distribution. Lonina's friend reportedly found the live broadcast by accident and reported to the authorities, so the case was discovered.

Prosecutor O'Brien said, "By LIVE delivery of rape status, Lonina responded as though Gon's defendant ceased rape, but Lonina himself became captive as feedback from users watching the broadcast It seems I got it. " Son Shamansky, serving as Lonina's defense counsel, said, "Lonina is defaulted by Gates, one vodka vodka and she is also a victim.Lonina is still only a high school student and apparently used for adults You must not overlook the fact that it was done. "

Lonina's testimony to the police interrogation "I was shooting to leave evidence of rape damage". Shamansky, a lawyer who saw a video of the rape scene, said, "Lonina defended a considerable effort to stop rape, but Gates responded to rape. After leaving the site, Lonina immediately reported the incident to the police It was not just to humiliate a friend but to just shoot a movie to record the case. "

However, in the 10-minute movie, Lonina defendant pulled the victim girl's feet, screaming and screaming while Gates's defendant claimed "disgust", "stop it", "help" was about 10 seconds It is also clear that Lonina was laughing while photographing in most of the movies. It is also pointed out that Lonina defendant did not notify police during rape.

The defense of Lonina's defense by Shamansky attorney can be seen from the following movie.

Lonina's defendant paid 125 thousand dollars (about 13.6 million yen), Gates defendant paid 300,000 dollars (about 32.7 million yen) and is temporarily released. Prosecutor O'Brien said that Lonina was also pursuing charges of offense as defendant had taken a nude picture of the victim girl on another day. If convicted in court, both defendants are expected to be sentenced to a crime of more than 40 years in prison.

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