'Dried squid specimen' has appeared at the Kyoto Aquarium, and I have seen the real thing that looks and smells like a giant squid.

The new area of the Kyoto Aquarium, '

Sea of Kyoto, ' opened on April 20, 2016, and exhibits of creatures that live in the sea of Kyoto, such as tilefish and conger, have begun. In a corner of such a new area, there is an exhibition of dried giant squids that have been made into huge dried specimens, so I went to see them at once.

(PDF) 4th Anniversary Renewal 1st New area 'Kyoto no Umi' that reproduces the sea of Kyoto is born, and exhibits such as tilefish and conger

The dried specimens of the giant squid are exhibited in the 'Sea of Kyoto' area on the 2nd floor of the Kyoto Aquarium.

Next to the aquarium on the 2nd floor, a dried specimen of the giant squid is displayed as a dawn in the space 'Kyoto no Umi Academy', which is the information transmission base of 'Kyo no Umi'.

As a result of thinking about how to display the giant squid collected in the sea of Miyazu, Kyoto at the aquarium, this dried specimen was dried as a whole, saying 'Isn't it interesting to make a dried specimen and make it into dried squid?' that's right. Before drying, the total length is 320 cm, and it seems that the body has shrunk a little due to drying, but it is still a masterpiece compared to ordinary flying squid.

Each sucker is about the size of a normal squid's eyeball. Even through the case, a very nice squid peculiar to dried squid drifts, but according to the director of Kyoto Aquarium, Minoru Shimomura, the taste is not so delicious.

The 'emperor' from the head to the torso is also a huge size.

If you put it side by side with a common Japanese flying squid, you can see how huge the dried specimen of the giant squid is.

The workshop held by the breeding staff of the Kyoto Aquarium is scheduled to start on May 1st (Sun) at the 'Kyoto Sea Academy' space. You may also be able to hear an episode about the giant squid specimen at the workshop.

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