Why do I procrastinate to the deadline and play, how can I prevent it?


Even though there is something to be done there is an experience that turns his eyes to it and loses valuable time by handling fun things, and it will be obligatory just before the deadline to tackle it. The following movie "How To Overcome Procrastination"You can understand why" procrastination behavior "that you take for knowing to regret later can be understood and you can get clues on how you can stop procrastinating behavior.

How To Overcome Procrastination: Why It Happens & How You Can You Avoid It - YouTube

How wonderful it would be if you could complete anything without procrastination.

Of course, such a thing is a dream story, so I will try to find a solution to the procrastination problem.

It seems there is a simple solution, and the information obtained when actually examining is only about "brain". It is hard to read information on small brains, so if you postpone this, you will not know what to search for solutions to the procrastination problem ....

Since there is no choice, listen to the brain scientist directly by telephone.

Even if the brain is scanned ......

Its structure is extremely complicated.

After all, it is impossible to know exactly what kind of change is occurring in the brain when procrastinating.

There is only "hypothetical reasoning".

Most hypotheses are based on brain functions related to "knowledge" and "thinking".

Even if you ask Psychologist Dr. Tim Fitchell about the cause of "procrastination" ...

I do not know what he is saying because it is too difficult. Perhaps there are many theories, but the things that Dr. Fittel said, the feeling that it seems reasonable even for an amateur is as follows.

The brain is responsible for instinctive emotions such as fear and fighting spirit "Cerebral limbic system"And the site that decides future dreams and goals responsible for so-called intelligence"Prefrontal cortexThat there are two kinds of parts, that is.

So, what happens to the brain when taking procrastination actions that do other things while there are things to do?

The instinctive limbic limbic system is always active and can take action immediately. At this time, thinking will not work for the future. Simply issue directives to avoid doing things.

On the other hand, the prefrontal cortex takes longer than impulsive behavior. Therefore it is difficult to suppress the impulsive behavior and to take action for the future.

Ironically this dilemma also evokes disgust.

Because I can not understand what I regret later, I have a disgust.

Still it is very difficult to stop a short-circuiting behavior.

If the procrastination behavior is caused by the structure of the brain, it seems like it is hopeless to resolve.

However, due to the structure of the brain, there is one exceptional hope. It is brain plasticity.

The brain is like soft plastic and has flexibility to change shape.

It is possible to change the brain by taking actions that wish to be there. In other words, you can habitual ideal behavior.

Throwing the controller of the game and handling important things to do.

It is difficult, but it is important to act because it is little by little, and to continue with it.

Human brain has evolved into a form that wishes to exist. It has been following the best path from thousands of years ago.

In order to preferentially take actions to do, it is necessary to activate the prefrontal cortex while suppressing the function of the limbic system.Awareness meditation methodAlso effective.

The custom of thinking deeply makes it easier to decide, it helps to avoid procrastination behavior that you do not postpone what is really important.

Indeed, thinking deeply and taking the initiative on important matters, some of the limbic system of the cerebrumAmygdalaContracts,gray matterIt is clear that it will increase.

As the structure of the brain changes, we can not procrastinate behaviors.

Things that are considered effective methods to avoid procrastination are various, such as playing music, making ToDo lists, and putting hands first from simple things.

But there is no easy and effective way. It is not easy, but training is important to gradually tackle important things by stopping procrastination behavior so it is a sure way to stop procrastinating behavior.

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