SIE's press conference "E3 2016 PlayStation Press Conference" Summary

At the E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo), the world's largest game trade fair in Los Angeles, SIE is carrying out a press conference "E3 2016 PlayStation Press Conference".

PlayStation® - E3 2016 Press Conference | (simultaneous interpretation sound in Japanese) - YouTube

A press conference began with the magnificent orchestra performance, suddenly the movie began showing.

This posterior is ... ....

Familiar tattoos.

Live demo of the latest work "God of War" action game.

Boss fight start.

Powerful full battle

"God of War" series latest work

You can operate Kratos who became my father.

It is a point to worry that the world feeling is different from the past.

After the live demonstration is over, the venue will be shown again.

Shawn Layden on the stage

Mr. Layden condemns the gun shooting incident in the night club in Orlando, Florida.

Next is a game from Bend Studio to develop Uncharted.

A trailer of the open world zombie game "Days Gone" started.


The trailer screened at the venue can be checked from the following movie.

God of War - E3 2016 Gameplay Trailer | PS4 - YouTube

Days Gone - Announce Trailer - E3 2016 | PS4 - YouTube

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New trailer for PS4 game "Ogrey Ogre Toriko" released & release date determined - GIGAZINE

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