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We made a live-action movie of the comics under the series by Weekly Young Jump "Tokyo Bottle Tokyo Ghoul"Cast was announced. Mr. Kubota Masataka who played Night Shinkaru in the TV drama version "Death Note" in the main character, Makoto Kirishima of the heroine played the heroine classmate · Kazumoto Kazuko with the NHK continuous TV novel "rare" Shimizu Fumie Is casting.

Regarding the casting of the movie, Ishida san of the original author has long ago said to the one who thought that "This person is nice if you do live-action" (although there is little such intention)Talking, The following comments are announced.

Mr. Masataka Kubota of the role of Kaneki knew the existence of the movie "we can not change the world" for the first time. While working, momentarily, CM of the movie entered the eyes, Mr. Kubota was acting to shed tears,
I remember being shocked that "this guy is amazing" already in a few seconds.
Not only the wonder of acting but also the image of the character that "Kaneki is actually in this world feeling like this" is the perfect image.
Since the serialization of 'Tokyo toki' began, it was a real immediate event, so Mr. Kubota's existence has been worrisome since that and I was pleased with his success every time I see it on television, movies, etc. .
I think that Mr. Kubota's awesomeness is already being balanced for everyone, but if you let me know that "Kubota Masataka is amazing" with my work as a stepping stone, he said that it turned out to be a movie successfully Personally, I think that it may be good.

Mr. FumiKei Shimizu who plays Talka does not have imagination how it can be played.
I was interested in that part, "I do not know what it would be like, but it looks interesting," I was pleased.
(And, because it looks cute)
If Shimizu finds something new through this work, I think that is a wonderful thing.
I do not know if it is good to mention, but when you let me officially offer, I asked for "impossible" from here on playing Talka, asking that Shimizu accepted it Did.
I felt Mr. Shimizu's strong will, and I thought that I had a part that leads to Talka.
Most of all, I am pleased to face my work with a sincere attitude. I feel that something that will lead to Shimizu's new stage will surely be found. Talka, I look forward to it.

I said something somewhere, but of course, I am concerned about real life.
People on the film production side were truly patiently listening to their own opinion which is the original author, and their anxiety was removed little by little, but it was removed. I feel that it is a very healthy place as an environment for making things, and I think that should be the case.

However, I do not know if the movie will be better, and it may end up in the end.
However, if we talk about personal hope, "If you make it in a healthy environment, you can do something good"
I hope that director Kentaro Hagiwara should prove it.

...... I will go back a little, but about Cast.
Even those who are the protagonists, I'm feeling it from now that I'm missing some people saying "This guy is ... this person ..." and about those people as normal fans. I am looking forward to seeing it purely.
I hope everyone will continue to wait for the next report with anxiety and concern.

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

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◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
British referendum EU detachment victory | NHK News

According to the British election administration committee, 51.9% said "withdrawal" in 51.44 million 742 votes, 48.1% with "residual" remaining in 16.14 million 1241 votes and a vote of majority And the withdrawal faction won.

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As a social scientist: I figured out what happens to the world after the referendum in the UK

First of all, I would like to confirm that this referendum is not necessarily legally binding and that the final decision must be made in Congress. In England there is a concept of "parliament sovereignty", and all national decisions are to be made in Congress. Nonetheless, I can not ignore the result of the referendum this time and I think that we will decide to negotiate with the EU in the direction of withdrawal, although how many residual factions are in Congress .

Secondly, it takes a long time to negotiate to leave the EU. As the bribery withdrawal faction insists, the EU has entered into all the laws and policies and it is necessary to make adjustments to make sure that it is not affected by the EU while unraveling them. I do not know how long this time will take, but it seems that it will take about 2 to 3 years.

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LINE to send naked photos to school girls, arrested Toray judo members for child porn production alleged Kyoto Prefectural Police - Sankei WEST

Dubai to construct 1000 MW photovoltaic power plant Photo 1 International News: AFPBB News

South American Colombian government and left wing guerrilla sign cease-fire - BBC News

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June 23, 8 in the morning. People gathered one after another in the Orix theater in Osaka City, which seems to be raging more than the weather in a bad weather where wind is strong while it is light rain. "What about this company?" A shareholder in his 70s murmurs with anxiety. Sharp's 122nd Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders will be held in the future.

Constitutional four parties, two-thirds Asahi Shimbun · Upper House election survey Survey: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Former principal of junior high school, suspected of peeping at the female after jumping

Municipal Assembly abandon visit to Rio Total expenses around 100 million yen, Consideration of public opinion: Asahi Shimbun Digital

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
Dentistry "Necessary treatment", 60% not yet consultation Public elementary and secondary school children in Osaka: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Furthermore, when asking for the presence or absence of a child or student in a state called "oral cavity collapse" such as having 10 or more decayed teeth, 46.4% of elementary school, 35.2% of junior high school, 53 · 8 of high school % Answered "Yes". Based on the survey results, the association estimates that there are over 2,000 children in the prefecture and students with oral collapse.

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As a matter of consultation, although the advertisement posted 50,000 to 100,000 yen in surgery cost, it was explained at hospital, "It will be dirty finish with cheap surgery" etc. It is expensive, more than 500,000 to 1 million yen An example of such as being recommended for treatment, contracting on that day, surgery is said to be prominent.

In addition to pain and swelling due to surgery, there was consultation over the postoperative operation that massive bleeding and tissue necrosis occurred. The center also surveyed 150 people who underwent surgery in the past, and about 40% responded that they felt some anxiety, discontent, and trouble after the operation.

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Solar Impulse 2, Successfully crossing the Atlantic for 70 hours Photo 7 International News: AFPBB News

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【Hiroshima】 Example of Arai Mr. Uniform person found: Nanjiro stadium @ N J summary

Can music be separated from politics: Nikkei Business Online

The controversies currently deployed on the Internet are "What is music?" "How real is it to be political?" "Definition of dissidents" "Politeness in rock music" " "Learn the origin and history of the rock festival and come back to it." "Do you not understand the difference between the anti-regime movement in the United States in '60s -' 70s and the anti-liberal movement in Japan?" That is, the musician has the right to surrender the audience "In the other hand, listeners start listening to the behavior of musicians from when they start customs." "Is it possible to do expression activities that are not political in the first place?" "Quietly listen to a paying Asian speech "I'm going to call them like rock fans as rock fans." "Is the music played by the audience as a companion to the service a fulfilling rock?" "I love Japan Why do people preach on Japanese music festival in Japan? "" You disappear if you can be physiologically uncomfortable "" Do your politics say you do it in your shoes Do not bring it to the square " It is diffusing with tone of condition and it can not be collected.

The end of the debate is like the basic specification of the debate on the net, and it is not surprising.

Ignoring the branches and leaves that have spread to the unrestricted map, if you pay attention to the main line, the point is clear from the beginning.

In short, this controversy, some of the authors

"SEALDs return to the nest"

It caused what I wanted to say.

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First half single CD sales AKB 48 ranked first and second place | NHK News

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[British EU withdrawal problem] European football world is also hit hard ... World star players, you can not play in the premiere! Is it? (1 / 2pages) - Sankei WEST

When the UK leaves the EU, the EU players who play in the English Premier League are so to speak as foreign national players. It is unknown how much rule changes will be made, but if it is treated like the current EU out-of-range players, it is said that many players will not be able to play in the English Premier League. If so, the decline in the league level of the home country of football will not be eliminated and the worldwide attention will also be sluggish.

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"Educator" American media praised Keisuke Honda "Contributed football facilities to Ishinomaki City suffered from earthquake damage"

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