The survivors of the accident of "worst" accident in the history of space flight naturally tells the accident situation of terror

ByNASA Johnson

The space station "Mir" which was launched by the former Soviet Union and used until March 2001 caused an accident which was considered the worst in space flight history in June 1997. Survivors of accidents that occurred in the closed space called the space station speak fearless accident experience naked.

Mir Spacecraft: Worst collision in the history of space flight - BBC News

The interview of the crew aboard the meal can be confirmed from the following movie.

Mir Spacecraft: Worst collision in the history of space flight - BBC News

The former Soviet Union launched in February 1986 is the space station's meal.

Astronaut Michael Fall, who was a crew member of Mir at the time of the accident.

The accident occurred during the docking test of the unmanned space ship Progress M - 34 on June 25, 1997, when about 6 weeks passed since Fall was assigned to Mir.

It was when confirming whether Progress M - 34 can properly perform docking from the monitor operated by Fall.

The docking test seems to have been operated differently than the proper method so that you can see that you are "mistaken" just by looking at it from the monitor. In the video, you can hear that other crew is talking about "Michael, get on emergency evacuation ship right now!" And you can see that something that is not extraordinary happens.

Progress M - 34 could not dock properly and collided with Mir 's spectral module.

On the way to the emergency evacuation ship, the station sounded squeaky in the ship, the station seemed to fall apart as usual, he said he was walking while frightened by terror. Also, it turned out that the ear was in the state of Keen and that the air leaked was also fear.

Since the spectral module was closed at the time of a collision, the power cable was disconnected and the inside of the ship was out of power.

When you look outside from the window, you can see that the station is torn. At that time, Mr. Faul says he is prepared for death.

Twenty minutes after the collision, the crew finally regained calmness began repairing the failed part. However, repair was difficult because the station was rotating due to the impact.

When examining the damaged part for repair, the ventilator stopped due to insufficient electric power, the carbon dioxide removal system stopped, the generation of oxygen became useless, and the meal became "dead spaceship" I understood.

Six hours after the collision, the crew succeeded in stopping the station from rotating using the injection system. Fall who speaks that he did not repair in a few minutes like a movie.

After stopping the rotation of the station soon, sunlight came into the station and the power recovered.

However, with the station losing its function as a station, the crew can not do the job and the state of just living lasts a month.

One month after the accident, rescue finally came and the crew of Faul was rescued. Mr. Faul says, "When I was rescued and saw the meal when I returned to the Earth, I thought" I can not return to Mir anymore "."

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