Research result that "calorie consumption" is higher in "walking while working" than "standing work"

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By keeping sitting on the chair at work, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, premortal life etcHealth problemsWhile being pointed out that the risk of being caused is raised, unlike ordinary desks, you can reduce the burden of sitting work by standing without using chairsStanding deskIs taking the spotlight. However, in the latest research, it has been found that it is more expensive to stroll in the office in the middle of work than to work with standing desk etc standing.

Energy Expenditure During Acute Periods of Sitting, Standing, and Walking

Here's how many calories you may burn standing at work versus sitting, strolling | Ars Technica

Seth Creasy, an exercise physiologist at the University of Pittsburgh, says, "If you expect weight loss and calorie expenditure, you can not do much work, just by standing and doing work by just sitting There is not it. " Of course, among the people who choose the standing desk, not only those who aim for calorie consumption, but also work by standing up to increase productivity and use the standing desk to get the correct attitude There are also people. However, Creasy says, "It is necessary to verify whether the merit of doing work by staying really is really correct."

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Creasy says, "There is not much time to do standing, sitting or walking for 8 hours in a row, during work, you can change your posture while sitting, stand up to take a break, walk in the office It is something to do. " So, Mr. Creasy's research team measured the calorie expenditure when performing two actions on three kinds of movements: standing, sitting, and walking. In the experiment, we gathered 74 subjects of healthy body and gathered "a group sitting for 15 minutes and watching TV and standing for 15 minutes", a group called "walking 15 minutes after sitting and watching TV for 15 minutes" "We walked slowly at a speed you want for 15 minutes and then we sat down for 15 minutes and watch TV", "I sat down for 15 minutes and then manipulate PC for 15 minutes". Thirty minutes later, each subject was wearing a face mask and how much calories were consumed was measured.

The purpose of this experiment was to see whether calories burned fluctuate depending on the order of action. However, as a result of the experiment, it is clear that the order of action has little relation to calorie expenditure. Also, the average 15-minute calorie expelled from the experiment is 55.9 kcal when walking, 19.63 kcal when sitting and operating the PC, 18.66 kcal in the state of watching TV, standing It was 21.92 kcal when it was in a state. Comparing the calories burned between sitting and standing, although the standing state is slightly more calorie consumed, the research team says "the difference between calories burned in standing and sitting is insignificant It is unknown whether things will bring good impact on health by standing and working ".
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Also, since all the participants who participated in the experiment were in a healthy body and faint, the research team says, "If you work while standing for weight reduction, you may get different results from this experiment" . Creasy said, "I need further research," and in the future I will study "whether I can improve the adverse effects of sitting work by exercise" and "will the standing desk really help improve productivity, comfort, health problems" I want to go.

Creasy said, "What is clear in this study is that it is good to keep walking in the office, for example, when you use a printer that is located away from your seat in the office, go around more than usual You should add walking to your daily work, such as going while walking with a colleague. "

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