Google's automated driving car develops to a level that recognizes and handles bicycle 'hand sign'

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Google's self-driving car (self-driving car) that can run autonomously while grasping the surrounding situation without human intervention, the preceding bicycle rider indicatesHand sign(Hand signal) to recognize the performance is added to predict behavior. It is an automatic driving car that was traveling by grasping existence of vehicles, pedestrians, and obstacles in the past, but the latest AI seems to predict the behavior of the bicycle.

(PDF)Google Self-Driving Car Project Monthly Report June 2016

Google's robot cars recognize cyclists' hand signals - better than most cyclists - Recode

According to the June 2016 edition of the "Google Self-Driving Car Project Monthly Report" published by Google, the software that controls Google's automatic driving car recognizes the bicycle the person drives as a specific object , And that it has the ability to recognize "hand sign" indicating the direction of travel by spreading one hand or cited above.

In the example below, the bicycle rider running diagonally to the right of the car shows the intention to spread the left hand sideways and turn left, but as the red arrow shows on the processing screen, AI This signature seems to recognize that "the bicycle wants to turn left". Understanding this situation, AI is supposed to decide to make a gap that allows the bicycle to break safely by lowering its own speed.

The key point in this technology is that it is predicting rider's future behavior. Although bicycles may show unexpected movements compared to ordinary cars and motorbikes, accidents in public roads may occur, but in automatic driving cars, AI is trying to make a right or left turn as indicated by a rider We will grasp and make judgments to secure a margin where sufficient safety can be secured.

Therefore, actual avoidance behavior seems to be fairly exaggerated in some cases. For example, in the case where the bicycle is heading a little in front of the shoulder of a car door, the automatic driving car takes a sufficient distance between the bicycle and the bicycle by dropping the speed greatly, so that the bicycle It is programmed to act so that it can safely go to the center line. This is an action that can be taken if a person is a careful person, but Google's automatic driving car seems to be tackled to deal with this level at such a level as to be exaggerated.

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