Microsoft's Edge proved to be able to reproduce Netflix at 1080p only among the four major browsers

Compared to Google Chrome, Apple's Safari, FirefoxBrowser shareMicrosoft's "delayed"EdgeHowever, Microsoft's survey conducted in June 2016 suggests that it is the most battery-friendly browser compared to Chrome, Firefox, OperaDiscovereddoing. In this time, Microsoft surveyed which browser of Edge, Opera, Firefox, Chrome can play the movie at 1080p with Netflix of video distribution service, and found out that Edge is the only browser that can play the movie at 1080p .

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Browser resolution and bit rate when viewing movies with Netflix from PC examined by Microsoft are as shown in the table below. According to the table, Edge is the only browser that can play movies at 1080p, Opera 38 · Firefox 46 · Chrome 51 can only play at up to 720p. Also, although the browser other than Edge is 4420, the Edge is 7500, and compared with Opera 38 · Firefox 46 · Chrome 51, Edge is the best browser for viewing Netflix I understand.

The reason why the resolution of the content to be played will differ if the browser is different is because the DRM technology adopted by each browser is different. According to Microsoft, Chrome and Opera adopt Widevine, Firefox uses Widevine and Adobe Access, but Edge adopt PlayReady Content Protection and Protected Media Path for Windows. Edge for Windows is optimized to use two DRM technologies, it seems that movies can be played with the highest quality.

In addition, when Netflix's movie is being played backSystem requirementsIn addition to Edge, Apple's Safari is listed as a browser that can play at 1080p.

When PCWorld of IT related research independently investigated, only Edge in Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera was able to play Netflix movie at 1080p as Microsoft announced. Chrome · Firefox · Opera only played up to 720p.

Microsoft is using TCP Fast Open'sStart supportAnd the reading speed has improved by 10% to 40%. Since TCP Fast Open only supports the preview version of Edge which can be obtained with Fast and Slow Ring Insider Builds, support in the product version is likely to be a little earlier. However, it may be distributed in "Windows 10 Anniversary Update" scheduled to be released in the summer of 2016.

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