"Osomatsu-san" 6 kinds of child tray silicone tray and cute face type chocolate · raw caramel · I tried making Imakawa grill

The six children of "Osomatsu-kun" came back as adults "Anime"OsomatsuEven after the end of the broadcastCollaboration with Saga PrefectureYaStageizationI do not know where the momentum will decline. Such a silicone tray with a tray that can make sweets that shaped the six children's face of Osomatsu "Osomatsu with Matsunoya recipe six-piece silicon tray BOOK"Has appeared, so I actually tried to purchase and try making six types of sweets.

Matsunoya with recipe Osomatsu-san 6-Child Silicon Tray BOOK (Variety): Books: Amazon

Matsunoya with recipe Osomatsu-san 6th child Silicon tray BOOK is in a slightly thick box.

There was a silicon tray and a recipe book in the box.

The size of the silicon tray is 110 mm in length × 200 mm in width × 28 mm in depth. Heat resistant temperature is 220 degrees, cold tolerance temperature is minus 20 degrees, it can also be used in microwave oven, oven, freezer.

If you look closely at the indentation of the silicon tray, the face of each Matsuno family brother is finely incorporated.

At the end of the tray is a pine-shaped indentation.

Recipe books include raw caramel, recipes of 6 color jelly ... ...

Colorful ice candy, recipe of chocolate etc.

Furthermore, recipes of chocolate that can faithfully reproduce the face of six children are posted.

In addition to the recipe, there is also a message card that can be used separately from the booklet.

There are also full size large size papers that can be used for making cookies.

There was also a page called "Matsuno family's table" that allows you to look back at the meal scenes that appeared in animation at once.

◆ ice
First, I tried to make ice, because the cold-resistant temperature was minus 20 degrees. Pour water into the silicon tray ......

I freeze it in the freezer.

About 4 hours passed and it frozen in blackboard.

Since the tray is made of silicon, you can easily take out the ice by bending it gently.

It is like this when 6 son ice + pine ice are arranged on a dish.

Approaching and seeing it makes me understand that six eyes and mouth are drawn on the surface of the ice.

Aho hair which jumped out a little from the head was also reproduced tightly.

There were cracks on the surface of the face that made it difficult to recognize the expression.

The pine-like ice is like this.

I poured water into the glass and tried to put in six son Ice ice

When the ice melted in water, the original shape became completely unknown ... ....

◆ Raw caramel
Next, I will make a raw caramel that is posted in the recipe book. Materials are milk, sugar, fresh cream, butter, honey.

Place all ingredients in a heat resistant container and mix.

Heated in a 600 W microwave for 6 minutes.

Take it out and mix well with a whisk. At this time the contents will boil and bubble up with the buzz, so you need to be careful not to burn yourself.

Then repeat the operation of heating and stirring while watching the state for 1 to 3 minutes.

When scooping the dough with a whisk, it is ok when the fabric falls into the whisk and falls slowly.

Pour into a silicon tray and cool it in a refrigerator.

Once set, it is removed from the mold and it is completed.

Unlike clear ice, raw caramel is clearly visible in the face, reproducibility of the character considerably higher.

Ichimatsu was able to reproduce firmly to the state of the head bobbins.

However, it is quite large as a caramel.

It is about this size when you take it in your hand.

So cut it in half and eat it, it was finished in smooth melted caramel in the mouth, not only the look but also the authentic taste and satisfaction was high.

◆ Imagawa Yaki Wind (Anjo & Cream)
In cartoons, four Imagawa Grill appeared and bothered how to divide in six children, but you can also make sweets that imagined Imagawa Yaki with silicone tray. Materials are eggs, milk, honey, hot cake mix, salad oil, grain sauce, custard cream.

Melt eggs, milk and honey in the bowl, mix it, add a hot cake mix there and mix it tightly.

I paint salad oil in the recess of the silicon tray.

Each one of the indentations put 2/3 teaspoons of teaspoon into each piece.

After putting the fabric, spread the fabric while turning the tray.

Bake in an oven preheated to 180 degrees for 3 minutes.

Take it out from the oven once and add custard cream and grain balls and pour the dough until the eighth minute of the dent. As dough bulges when baked, it is a point to keep the amount to be poured in by the eighth minute of the dent.

Bake again in a 180 degree oven for 9 minutes.

Bake-up is like this. Because the silicon tray is in a hot state just baked, leave it for 4 to 5 minutes and take coarse heat.

The state taken out from the silicon tray. It looks like a baby castella that is sold at festival stalls.

Finally, if you write numbers on face with grain melted with a small amount of hot water, it is completed.

When you eat, you can enjoy the taste of Imakawa grilled just because the dough is outstandingly compatible.

Custard was well matched with the sweet mellow fabric.

◆ 6 tiny face chocolate
Prepare to have chocolate pens, white chocolate, milk chocolate.

Put 60 degrees of hot water in a cup or the like, and dissolve it with hot water boiling.

First we use black chocolate pens and pour chocolate into the hair part of the silicon tray.

Using bamboo skewers for the eyes and mouth, draw a line softly so as not to damage the silicone tray. As chocolate pen cakes quickly as it is taken out of hot water, it was easier to draw a fine line when putting it on hot water each time.

The mouth of Osomatsu scratches with white chocolate pen.

The mouth of the 14 pine uses red and pink chocolate pens.

Pour the green chocolate pen down to the pine-shaped dent to about 1/3 height.

When a beginner tried making sweets, it took about 1 hour to finish painting hair and face parts after warming the chocolate pen.

Cool it in a refrigerator.

Once the chocolate settles, fill white eyes with white chocolate pen.

After painting the white eyes for six people as below, cool it again in the refrigerator.

Next, in order to make the part of the skin of the six children, mix white and orange chocolate pen and make chocolate of the skin color.

Chocolate is poured into the silicon tray on the face part. It is very difficult to pour chocolate softly so that it does not mix with the chocolate that you compacted first. Once the chocolate is poured in, refrigerate again in a refrigerator.

Pour white chocolate and milk chocolate into the rest. Melt white chocolate with hot water ... ...

Once the bowl is taken in ice water, cool down to 28 degrees.

Boil again and raise the temperature to 30 degrees. By doing this, you can prevent the melted chocolate melting first.

Pour the melted chocolate into the silicon tray.

Milk chocolate is melted in the same way with hot water ... ...

Pour into a pine-shaped indentation.

Cool it in a refrigerator.

I will remove the chocolate when it solidifies.

Finally completed.

Osomatsu was too quick to remove from the tray, my eyes and mouth had disappeared ... .... Kala pine has reproduced unique peculiar face with mouth and eyebrows feeling crisp but right eye disappears somewhere.

Karamatsu & Ichimatsu. When pouring chocolate into the skin part, the mouth of the pine was doubled, but the idle eyes are perfectly a monkey itself.

Fourteen pine & Todomatsu. Aho hair which jumped with Piyon is also cute.

The pine chocolate was also firmly fixed.

Because it has settled in quite a bit of cassinchotin, it is easier to eat who has cut it out cheerfully after having enjoyed the cute appearance.

In addition, Mr. Osomatsu's 6-child Silicon Tray BOOK with Matsunoya Recipe is sold at Amazon for 1382 yen including tax.

Matsunoya with recipe Osomatsu-san 6-Child Silicon Tray BOOK (Variety): Books: Amazon

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