Apple held product launch on September 7th, what was announced and when is the release date of the new iPhone?

Apple will be in local time on Wednesday September 7, 2016Notice when holding a product presentationDid.

Apple Confirms iPhone 7 Launch Details - Forbes

The announcement site looks like the following. It says "See you on the 7th. (Let's meet on the 7th)", but this can also be read as "See you on iPhone 7". Also, although the white background has been used for the announcement page of the presentation until now, this time it is a black background and it is predicted that "the aircraft suggests the release of a model of black?" .

Apple Events - Keynote September 2016 - Apple

Regarding the release date of the terminal, reservations began on Friday, 9th (Friday) with prediction that the reservation starts on Saturday, September 7 and will be released on Friday, There is a forecast to be released on Friday, Friday.

What will be announced? For that matter, besides the new iPhone, second generation Apple Watch and MacBook Pro are considered as possibilities. As for the new iPhone, it is expected that "There will not be much change from the existing terminal", but "camera performance improvement", "disappearance of headphone jack", "waterproof function", "dual camera", "equipped with A10 processor" etc. are anticipated It is. Details can be confirmed from the following articleization.

If you buy an iPhone 8 features of "iPhone 7 (provisional)" that shows the reason to wait until September - GIGAZINE

In addition, although MacBook Pro is equipped with OLED touch bars and Touch ID, adoption of USB-C, etc. There is also a voice saying "possibility is low" with respect to the new MacBook Pro.

Apple has changed its "MacBook Pro" for the first time in four years, Touch ID etc. installed - GIGAZINE

For the new Apple Watch, it is rumored that GPS and barometer are installed, and waterproof performance is improved, but the standalone mobile communication functionIt will be still aheadIt is said.

Next generation smart watch "Apple Watch 2" is equipped with GPS & barometer to improve waterproof performance - GIGAZINE

The starting time of the presentation in Japan is 2 o'clock on Thursday, September 8, 2016 (Thursday).

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